Monday, 25 March 2013

Awesome Dishes in Niji Sushi Bar of Sydney!!

Niji Sushi Bar is an stunning Japanese restaurant and it always attracts loyal following of Japanese diners.

Smoked Miso Salmon

Smoked Miso Salmon was decorate beautifully as a visual masterpiece and ensuring that the delicious ingredients were properly matched with the taste of food at the same time. After that, I felt the smoked still left on my tongue.

Duck Skin Roll Sushi
A nice cooked duck skin roll sushi was quite the taste sensation.

Beef Rice Paper Roll

The combination of soft beef rice paper roll and crunchy vegetable was the perfect match. Have it together with the sources, will give you an unexpected flavor.

The food was presented with expertise which were creative and delicious. All the dishes is fresh and good quality. Niji Sushi Bar always creates the perfect dining experience in every time.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Being pleasure to be at Suite !

Along with a little bit tense and buzzing came from other airport passenger, I slowly walked to Terminal 3 for waited to check in on first class lane. A warm welcome, to the SilverKris Lounge at Singapore Changi Terminal 3.

The little ambient atmosphere was changing once I arrived at the Silver Kris Lounge entrance. Quiet, relax and comfortable environment was coming gradually after I was guided by a young and polite stewardess to the Silver Kris Lounge private room.

There are some delicious dishes listed on the menu such as fresh salad, fragrant satay, chicken congee, ginseng chicken soap, western lamb, and I had decide to choose chicken congee as my day enjoyment.

After I enjoyed previous meals, I relax on sofa through reading a variety of newspapers, magazines, watching news on TV while waiting for departure.

I move to B7 when it's time for departure. The Passenger Relations Officer will handle my check-in while I sit back and enjoy the comfort of the lounge. 

I was called to board up to the plane Suite by the separate tunnel. It is a comfortable and relaxing suite inside a plane.

Plane Suite

What a nice and enjoyable experience in Suite.