Monday, 5 August 2013

Bill Gates at UNSW on July 2013

The world's richest man and the biggest philanthropist of our age shares his insights into global issues at UNSW.

In response to a question on philanthropy, the 61 years old billionaire, who tops the Forbes Rich List and is believed to be Wyeth more than US70 billion, revealed his motivation.

"If you feel like you're a citizen of the world and you want to help all of humanity, then you think "where is the greatest injustice ?" He said.

"A mother having to bury a child, or having that child have so much sickness that their brain never develops so that can't learn, they can't contribute in many way - that was a tragedy that Melinda and Bill decided to learn about."

We may be preoccupied about getting  good jobs n incomes. We should all be asking ourselves. "How well have we treated people a world away who have nothing in common with us but their humanity?"

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