Tuesday, 6 August 2013

You are special

So many people miss true success because someone early in their life damaged their self- respect and esteem by dime unkind, down-putting words.
"You won't amount to any thing" - a teacher did to Albert Einstein
" Why can't you be like him or her?'"- unfavourable compared them.
"You will never be an artist."

God makes no junk.
It's true. It makes sense.
God makes no mistakes.

To shake him up,
"Young man, do you know that you were once a sperm?"
"You were one of five million sperm.
You were running the race of your life.
All of you were competing to see who got to the egg first.
And do you know something? You won! Yes, you!
If you came in second or third, you're history."
*Unlike the Olympics, there is. no silver and bronze medallists in the birth race,

"You're not a born loser. There are no born losers. Everyone is a born winner. If you're a loser you won't be here! "

You need to tell yourself;
"I am a winner in life. That's the way I started; that the way I'll finish." (Anthony Campolo)

Good for you.

Closing thought:
" The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part,  is doing it."(Norman Schwarzkopf)

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