Monday, 27 April 2015

Give Kids Your Most Precious Commodity-Time

❤️ Make a date with your child- just the two of you.
❤️ Don't waste a second wishing that your child were slimmer, friendlier, smarter or better looking. Do your best to help him to develop his full potential. 
❤️ Comfort your little one when she shows you her"Big Cut" or "Wound"...even if you can hardly see it.
❤️ Look your child straight in the eyes when he talks to you. Show him that what he thinks and fears are important to you.
❤️ Let your toddler pour her own drinks and feed herself - without cringing at the mess she's making.
❤️ Praise the craft or artwork that your younger brings home from pre-school- even if you have no idea what it's suppose to be. 
❤️ Never do your child's homework for her. Always show her how she can achieve good grades.
❤️ Praise your child - especially when he can hear it.
❤️ Don't compare siblings or favor one child over another.
❤️ Volunteer at your child's school.
❤️ Give your teenager privacy. But encourage her to be honest with you. 
❤️ Never use guilt or manipulation. be direct.
❤️ Attend every one of her amateur concets or sports competitions. 
❤️ Assure him that no matter what scary events are going on the world, you'll keep him safe. 
❤️ Teach her to laugh at herself.

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