Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Health begins in the Colon

The colon (large intestine) acts like a sewer in the body. If it is not cleansed, the waste throughout the body cannot get out adequately. Over time, your colon may become unhealthy and lose its ability to properly eliminate the waste materials from your digestion tract. This can be due to a combination of the following, lack of exercise, poor diet, stress, medication and a variety of other factors
When the human colon becomes less active, the body dose not eliminate its waste material for as effectively. When the eliminate process is not functioning properly, deposits of the waste matters build up along the walls of your colon or in the pockets of the colon. These waste remain in your body for days. People who are constipated can be carrying more of this toxic fecal matter, which is continually poisoning their body and organs. 

Tips for healthy colon,
- eat high fibre, low fat diet
- exercise regularly
- Do not smoke
- eat food rich in antioxidant
- practise regular bowel habits.

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