Friday, 8 May 2015

Diagnostic Symptoms on Tongue.

Diagnostic Symptoms on Tongue. Examples of combination of Tongue 
Colour and Coating.
- Body color, shape : Normal body except for slightly swelling of the sides.
- Coating: thick, dark yellow coating.
•Dark yellow. thick coating in the middle of tongue - retention of food in the stomach (give rise to heat) 
•Problem is confined to the stomach as the reminder of tongue is normal.
- Body color,shape  : Red, redder at the sides. Long, slightly swollen more on the side. 
- Coating: thin, yellow and wet coating. (Lung areas - behind the tip) 
•Red tongue body with redder tone on the sides=presence of liver fire •Long body =heat.
•Slightly swelling at the side =Liver fire.
•Thin,  yellow coating in the Lung area = long term retention of dampness and phlegm in the lungs (past cold not not properly treated).
- Body color,shape  : Red, swollen. 
- Coating: Rootless, mouldy, partially peeled. 
•Tongue shows heat in stomach area.
• Swelling of tongue = heat is trapped.
•Partially peeled coating = stomach yin deficiency (excess yang)
•Mouldy coating = heat in stomach which evaporates stomach fluids and accumulates at the tongue. 
- Body color,shape  : Bluish purple. Slightly swollen. Crack in the center.
- Coating: Thin & white. 
• Bluish purple tongue body=blood stasis due to internal cold. 
• Central crack= relates to stomach qi deficiency.
• Swelling of tongue = retention of damp-cold (deficiency spleen yang) 

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