Monday, 29 June 2015

No Limited

Congratulations to the best teams. 
The "No Limited" theme is so befitting the essence of the "C" companies. There are no limits to their ability to achieve greater heights. They have constantly remind themselves that limits are only man made and what man can conceive, man will achieve. Break away from old thinking and challenge the limits until they do that, they will never know how high they can go. The team has always believed that they will succeed right from the beginning when it was just a small company, they believed in their dreams and these guided them to focus on their priorities that makes the company grow. They alway say, we are just a normal human being like you and I, the "he" just happen to have big goal and think a bit harder to achieve them! Let learn from the best, challenge our thinking and forge ahead to higher levels. That is how we should grow and that is how high we surely grow. There are no limits to how high we can go. All we need to do is believe that we can be better and to take the first brave step towards this aim. 

Let me Cheers to all of you. 
-The "C" are Chia-Thomas Law Chambers LLC's team, 
-Chan's Holdings Pte Ltd.
-the "he" are Michael S.Chia &
-Chan's holding team. 

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