Monday, 29 June 2015

What impact did the "ponzi scam" cause me?

What impact did the "ponzi scam" cause me?
I was shaken, almost tumble, not once but many times, I learnt what's betrayal and more challenging is, I have to forgive unconditionally, due to our religion compassionate, honesty it's hard. 
I have struggled with my emotion badly for many months. It's a life lessons from this Ponzi Scam and also an Endurance Racing applies valuable lessons from simple world to the real world. I draw wisdom from this life's challenges and setback and I am placed to give insights about mental resilience and personal's faith.

This inspiring stories and analogies are packed with facts to make us a success in our life. There's an old skater's saying. Don't be afraid of failing. It's 90 percent failing otherwise, you don't master anything. You might hurt everywhere or break your ankle or crack a rib. It's the same thing in life. There are other places to go, other things to try. So don't be afraid of failing. Have the courage to try, although sometime it hurt. Creating strong links for a successful life, building confident every day. 

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