Monday, 15 June 2015

XT Body Nails Face Spa

XT Body Nails Face is the first spa to offer Beauty Buffet, including body slimming, Brazilian waxing for women (a treatment in which hair is removed from the genital area). Varies Maniure and Pedicure, Foot spa, Ear candling, Facial with or without equipment and eyebrow trimming.  
The Beauty Buffet, choose any 3 series  for $99 only @XT Body Nails Face, 📞 6684 5400 

A) The therapy is doing the Classic Maniure (Nail Polish), Classic Pedicure (Nail Polish) for me. 
B) I try the Foot Spa, for relaxing, 
soothing and reduce the foot odor, chosen the Lavender favor, consist of -Soak, -scrub, -mask,  -moisture. 
XT Body Nails Face spa's offer value for money, make you glorious pamper, they don't make you feel like a dollar sign on a production line, make you feel happy and relaxed. 

a) just top up $10 to be a members and every $1= 1point. 
b) Recommed 3 new friends & spend in the spa, will get 1 Free treatment. 

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