Thursday, 27 August 2015

Absinthe is a cheeky name in French

This French restaurant Absinthe, is unpretentious, unlike some other French restaurant, no need to wear posh attire to be there, just be causal smart.
Absinthe is a cheeky name in French, is apt for a restaurant & alcohol drink.
The alcohol level range from 53 % to 74%. 

Pau, the partner of the restaurant shared about how the name Absinthe came about. They wanted to called the restaurant as Francois but when they mention the restaurant is named after the chef, then everyone said, there will be no more meat on the bone. Absinthe is derived by a strong desire group who wanted to bring the best French Food to Singapore. Initially it was supposed to be called La Belle Époque, like the champagne. It was based on the era after the 19th century when they have the list of impressionist painters and the restaurant is going to showcase the champagne at the same time. However, it did not work out in the end. The partners felt that the name Absinthe has a good balance between imagination, class and cheekiness depending on what you think of when you think of Absinthe. 

                ABSINTHE MORAND 

Chef Pierre decides the menu together with the team. The menu feature cuisine from the southwest in France. The dishes are lined up and many time it's not tasted before. The wines are reasonably priced, there are many other countries wine than France.

             HERLOM TOMATO

                  POELE CARTE 

               DUCK CONFLICT 


                ESCARGOT CARTE 

               CREME BRULEE 
The texture is creamy but not too rich. 



After dessert, usually you would like to try the Absinthe Morand. The way Absinthe prepare is very interesting. There are about 19 different varieties of Absinthe. The alcohol level range from 53 % to 74%. In Absinthe, they have the lowest alcohol content with the delicate taste of Anise spices. 
There are various ways to serve Absinthe, in Absinthe served it in the traditional French manner. A glass fountain filled with ice cubes and water is the main apparatus, placed a glass at the faucets and put a spoon above the glasses and places a sugar cube on each spoon. They turned on the faucets and slowly the ice water dripped on the sugar cube, melting them into the glasses. This continued until the sugar dissolved. When it's done, the Absinthe became an opaque milky white colour. 
Sip and savor it slowly, Absinthe has a distinctive taste that not everyone will enjoy. However, it is something worth trying. 

Tel: 6222 9068
*if you are driving, park at Parliament House, 3 mins stroll across to the restaurant, best take the public transport, go for alcohol. 

1200 -1430 hours
Valet parking is available. 

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