Sunday, 6 September 2015

Day 2, Late Singapore mentor LKY favorite Chinese Rest

Day 2
Ming Jiang restaurant is our late Singapore mentor Lee Kuan Yew's favourite Chinese restaurant, he will go there, whenever he's in London.(you may check with the restaurant staffs, when you are there) @Royal Garden Hotel, 10th floor, Kensingston High Street.

I stay at Royal Garden Hotel, it's convenient and not in the centre of the busy and noisy tourist areas, The rate is SG$650, (multiply by 2.2 to convert to £). It's easy to go to shopping areas, Oxford Road, New  Bond Street, Bond Street, you may take,
-Bus No 9, infront of the hotel, is about 15mins and 5 mins walk.

-Or take a taxi, about 10mins about £15,

It is safe as there's a Buckingham security guard both side of the hotel, and Buckingham Palace is just behind the hotel. 

There's a Kensingston Garden next to the hotel, which you can jog and stroll in the park. 

Ming Jiang Restaurant, it's also one of our regular visit restaurant, the foods, would like to recommend.
-Sea Bass with black sauce, ginger and spring onion, alway fresh.
-Black pepper beef, Mongolia style, the meat is very tender with black paper sauce taste just right, not saltish.
-also the Ming Jiang fry rice, their signature dish.

In London, I will go to shop at HARRODS Shopping mall, at Oxford Road. You can buy all the brands & every stuff at Harrods, if you go often to Harrods, please apply the Harrods membership card, to get points to get great discount.  After shopping if you want to eat at Harrods is alway crowded. I will go to the opposite road, at Brompton Road, Shanghai Resturant, the price is cheaper, the food is good. Have order the 
-Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetables, it has boiled for a long time, the pork with a thick layer of fat is soft and tender, it melt in your mouth.
-Black pepper beef, little spicy and good appetizer. 
-mince meat fry rice. 

*Tomorrow will share and try other types of food not Chinese food for time being. 

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