Friday, 4 September 2015

Day 1, @Silver Lounge, mee pok noodle

Day 1
Heading to London. Going to miss my Singapore local food for a week, so I chose mee pok noodle for my breakfast @Silver Lounge, private room Terminal 3. Beside there are many nice food, see below the menu. 

The mee pok noodle is tasty, the noodle is spongy, the sauce is clean and not oily at all although it has small little lard inside the noodle. There're fish maw, slices of fish cakes and crunchy fish balls.

  Fry eggs with asparagus 

Beside from the menu, you can have side buffet foods on the side table, yogurt, toast bread, sandwiches, fruits, cereals and may request for fresh squeeze or blend fruit juice.

I will update more, please follow me for the next few days. 

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