Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Day 2, Not compatible with the sign

Breakfast, we saw this shop is interviewed and the banner with many popular people's signature. We thought the food must be good. I had the cod stew soup, cod fish supposed to be soft but the cod here were tough, was disappointed, but glad the soup was fine. 

I give 4/10
Lunch @Tri Sara, near Nampodong
Salad, bread
Seafood pasta
Vongole pasta
Crab meat creamy pasta
I give 7/10.

Angel-In-Us Coffee Cafe
**Best Tiramisu @Angel-In-Us Coffee Cafe
Tiramisu, is the best Tiramisu ever have, 10/10
beside there are Cheese cake, brownie
Toast bread and ice crewn
I give 8/10

Dinner Korean Bbq@Zion 
I give 710
It was a great day. 
Please search the address and contact through the Internet, as I don't understand Korean. 

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