Monday, 26 October 2015

My pleasure and privileged to be invited by my peer to The Good Trio

Good Time at The Good Trio, it has a reputation as a bastion of food innovation. And I have no doubt for that and have been dining there several times, invited by my peer bloggers, as best-kept secrets for many years and I must say it's quite an experience, and so-called food revolution in the Thomson area, it has couple of dishes in the restaurants like Nanping Braised Noodle,
Stew Pot Chicken with Mushroom Soup. Stir Fried Yam with Sesame dish, Deep Fried Corn Fish, those of you searching for a culinary experience
The servings were big and the price is fair,  was well worth it. There were a few dessert, but we went with the popular ones.
The Good Trio is too good to stay hidden for long. There's no doubt at it.

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