Monday, 12 October 2015

Today is a perfect day

Arriving at the scene
It was one of those perfect event, that I had attended. I have been to many grand opening ceremony or gala events. That evening was the perfect, as I was one of the special guest and was interacting with many people. The light was shining, the decoration was a perfect shade of red and white. 
With the wide door opened, people started making their way through the Criolla Cocoa cafe, the lively colorful balloons and bright surrounding. There were goodie bags, wide spread of foods, photos props.
Interviewing the lucky winner for this competition, Joe Yang.
Congratulation to Joe Yan
Interviewing Wheretoeatinsingapore 's followers
Interviewing the walk in customers
At the end of the day, we have a small closing, with the winner Joe Yang, the Wheretoeatinsingapore's followers, members, fans and the whole teams.

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