Sunday, 22 November 2015

New Campaign, at the airport

We have an official trip to go to Aberdeen (Scotland) via Paris, in the Paris International airport, we felt the surrounding atmosphere was quite intense although every one is trying to be patient and move on with life.
When we landed in Aberdeen before we alight from our plane, a few of the French officers came up with paper and pens, and seek us to help to answer a few questionnaire, as we were taking the Air France plane. The questions consist, 
-have you seen any suspicion people around or suspicion things left behind? 
-Do you have any informations or comments to share? On the 13th Nov, Friday, the Paris attack.

My personal point, this campaign is a good ideas, as I believe many people would like to share, help the society, the world and all the different religions to lived together in peace however just need to know how to do it? Therefore this simple questionnaire, may help.

Greeting from Paris International airport. 

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