Thursday, 19 November 2015

You live once, therefore you have to win one!!

A Boost In our project  "The Best Chinese Restaurant" in Singapore".
Bolstered by the successes in our recent campaign, "Where to eat in Singapore" is optimistic and has just launched, the best  Chinese Restaurant campaign competition with 4 selected restaurants are open to public to vote. As the list of supporters continue to grow, we hope to see more people are awarded. The restaurant has offer $800 food voucher to the winner.
It's very simple, just vote for your favourite Chinese Restaurant at "Where to Eat in Singapore", and stand a chance to win food voucher worth $800! by

Follow these few simple steps:
Step 1: Go to "Where to Eat in Singapore" YouTube channel.

Step 2: Like your favourite chinese restaurant on youtube
♥ House of Seafood - ♥

♥ Teochew Huat Kee - ♥

♥ The Good Trio - ♥

♥ Tonny Restaurant - ♥

Step 3: Share your favourite chinese restaurant with #wtebestchineserest and tag 3 of your friends on facebook.

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