Thursday, 10 December 2015

What can I contribute back to society ?

Time passes too fast, I missed those days when I was having fun with my University mates preparing for our projects and examination. It was hectic yet fulfiling, my usual practice was to study at the nearest university at SIM and sit in the study room in their small cubicle partition from early morning to evening everyday to prepare for my examination. I remembered crying a lot during my revision as I can't remember the notes and it was not easy to comprehend. I was not sure was it because I have finished school quite some time and I was not able to absorb fast and take in that much. During that period of time I was very scared but my hard work paid off eventually, after countless days of studying I have passed my examination with distinction as a certified wellness consultant. With this qualification, I promise myself that I will share my knowledge and help people who need most.

    My happiest moment.

    Ready to ervice you. 

Now I could service you better with more knowledge. 


  1. Is a good way to contribute back to the society.

  2. Congratulations on your achievement!

  3. Your hard work paid off! Do update your blog regularly, I'm a big fan.