Friday, 16 December 2016

Use innovative steampot, to cook to get real taste of seafood.

Yu Pin Steamed Seafood
Yu Pin use their innovative steampot and the native way of cooking instead of the traditional way of cooking seafood such as braising and stir-frying, it unleash the real taste of seafood.

The steampot is heated for sterilization. The uncooked pearl rice grains, lotus seeds and wolfberries are laid onto the metal grill. During the whole process of steaming, the juices and aromas of the seafood will drip down to the bottom of the pot, captured by the rice which is being cooked slowly to become a savoury congee.

pork belly
The savory Kagoshima pork belly served together with refreshing greens and grains. Each of the ingredients is meticulously prepared and handled by the staff.

The seafood are being steamed under pressure, allowing the nutrients of the ingredients to be sealed within it.

The succulent lobsters, gigantic oysters, lively prawns and the clams are very fresh, under high temperature they open themselves slowly, exposing the juicy flesh within it.

The abalone is no stranger to seafood feast. The abalone is sliced and steamed right in front of you. The tenderness and naturally fresh taste of the premium delicacy give it a wow factor that make you want to savour every mouthful.

crab meat
The flawless crab meat overflowed with luscious roe will please even the most begrudging palettes.

The sea bass is garnished with aromatic ginger and cut into slices in a filet style for easy to take. It's steamed for a few minutes. The in-house nonpareil sauce infused perfectly into the flesh, making every mouth filled with satisfaction.

savoury congee
Under a calm and relaxed atmosphere, the hearty congee containing the essence of seafood within it round off the meal into perfection

You will have the freshness and natural goodness of quality ingredients. Come and enjoy a dining at Yu Pin Steam Seafood Restaurant located in Bugis Cube.

Yu Pin Steamed Seafood
470 North Bridge Road #01-05 Bugis Cube Singapore 188735.
Tel : +65 62649266

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Happy moments, Happy food at KL Delight.

Singapore Blogger
We have been here several times, the chefs have their cooking philosophy, their food must be authentic, all in house recipe and must have charred flavor.

Japanese bean curd with fish paste
My share dish is the Japanese bean curd with fish paste together with the taste of carrot, coriander, salt and eggs. The right proportion of the mixing stuffs and others mentioned have to be right. Once mix need to steam immediately before the vegetable release moisture, steaming time is crucial and wait to be deep fry before serving, you will have crispy on the surface and hot filling buzz in your mouth.

Black Pepper crab
Black Pepper Crab, the chef is willing to showcase his recipe as he said he has no worries others know his recipe but able to cook to the quality and standard is his key. He put prawn paste, pepper and butter not cooking oil, as butter when it's is cook in a high temperature it will have a sweet cream taste, that is the taste it has a peppery and sweet savory in the crab.

Hokkien Mee
Hokkien Mee, I have been craving for the KL version hawker style Hokkien mee, its dark, thick, slippery, sticky noodle, pork lard is an essential items, prawn and cabbage, others use udon noodle or thin rice noodle but here they have imported from KL. I taste the breath of wok and savory but not heavy. Its taste is close to the Puchong or Cheras in Malaysia, its savoy and tasty.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Seasalt serve good qualities Seafood, Western food in our Housing Estate.

Grilled cajun style calamari, freshly grilled, it does not taste rubbery but easy to bite. It's served with home-made lemon dill sauce & in that fragrant deep of aroma, it's best to go with cold beer
Fresh Australian mussels served in white wine sauce. Mussels are fresh, the original seafood flavor is still intact, taste great with subtle white wine sauce as it doesn't overpower the mussel.
Hand battered fish served
Hand battered fish served with  fries and green salad.
Fresh Canada clams
Fresh Canada clams with Garlic cream sauce.
Mushroom Herb Rice
Mushroom herb rice with grilled fish and lemon butter sauce.
Now you can get high quality of seafood in a hawker place, pair with their In house sauce, to lift up your appetite.

The Seasalt Place
38 Jalan Pemimpin. Singapore 577178.
Tel : +65 8200 5528

Monday, 31 October 2016

Switzer Alliance Good Food at Affordable Prices.

Singapore Blogger
The restaurant serves good food at affordable prices, food is essential to life and Switzer Alliance make a good one for us. The portion is quite huge. The beer is cold and the glasses is icy,

Kai Lan
Dual Flavour Kai Lan,
I found this dish Dual Flavour Kai Lan interesting, even though it look relatively simple. The kailan leaves are shredded and deep fried. The frying of the shredded kailan leaves definitely needs special attention and the chef has to use a generous amount of oil because the leaves tend to absorb the oil and they get burnt easily. It is thus important to control the heat. After frying them, the chef will need to drain them and leave them on kitchen napkins to have excess oil absorbed. It's such a tedious job but it's fantastic food.

Prawn Paste Chicken wings
Prawn Paste Chicken wings,
What make prawn paste chicken wings unique amongst other fried chicken ?
Prawn Paste Chicken wings is one of the dishes that Singaporeans all love. The savoury and delicious prawn paste chicken wings are well known to the tourists too.
Prawn Paste Chicken wings is the epitome of fried chicken wings. Plump and bursting with umamilicious juices on the inside encased in a shatteringly thin and crisp crust, it is hard to imagine how fried chicken wings can be any better!

Salted egg bun with chiii crabs,
Chili crab is a popular dish in Singapore and the chili crab quality here suit my friends and I. The mud crabs are commonly used and are stir-fried in a semi-thick, sweet and savoury tomato and chilli based sauce. Despite its name, chilli crab is not a very spicy dish.

Salted eggs bun
Salted eggs bun are just so fluffy and chewy, while the salted egg custard within is generous and the right balance of sweet and salty.

Address: Volkswagen Golf Centre, 590 Toa Payoh East Singapore 319134.
Opening Hours
Daily: 11:00 - 22:00

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

All you need is to get away to have a face lift

Superficial muscular aponeurotic system(SMAS)

Singapore Blogger
The concept of an SMAS is generally accepted in aesthetic surgery and applied in techniques to correct ptosis of facial fat in areas prone to aging, whereby the SMAS is drawn up and fixed to lift more superficial muscular and dermal structures.

The key principals in the face lift are their techniques; proper patient selection, pre-operative planning, and expert knowledge of surface anatomy are critical to an excellent surgical outcome.

-The face lift is one of the procedures in facial cosmetic surgery that is performed to help rejuvenate the aging face.
-The face lift, also removing redundant or lax facial skin and repositioning and modifying subcutaneous, facial, and muscular elements of the face and neck.

-The face lift procedure may also combine other facial cosmetic procedures, such as skin resurfacing and skeletal augmentation, to maximize the aesthetic outcome. superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS) in the parotid and cheek area, which led to face lifts with more desirable aesthetic and longer-lasting outcomes.

Toa Payoh Branch:

Sophia Brow House
Blk 520, Lorong 6 Toa Payoh,  #01-50, Singapore 310520 (West Exit from MRT)
Telephone: 62500983
Operating Hours: 11am – 9pm (Open Everyday)
Public Holday: 11am – 7pm.

Love Seafood? You'll love what I have for you.

Singapore Blogger
There's a list of the dishes in the menu at Turbot Live Seafood, I choose this Curry fish head.  I can taste the full definition condiment consisting of several pungent and ground spices as cayenne, pepper, and turmeric.
Herbal Prawn
花雕酒 is a type of rice wine, Dong Quai is a Chinese herbs, is not overwhelm as the chef told us he takes a lot of thought and process to get the herbs portion right, the broth is clear and refreshing and the prawn is fresh as its head is attached and all are from live tank.
Golden Fried Beancurd
Golden Fried Beancurd, a thin layer of crispy skin, the bean curd inside is soft and smooth.
Roasted Pork Belly
Roasted Pork Belly, crispy on the skin and the meat is tender.
Salted Baked chicken
Salted Baked chicken
Salted Baked chicken, a traditional way of cooking a chicken.

Address: 48 Toh Guan Road East #01-124/125 Enterprise Hub Singapore 608586.
Open Monday to Saturday, (Close Sunday)
11am to 4pm, 6pm to 9.30pm
Tel: 6763 2388

Monday, 17 October 2016

Sometimes life can surprise you with a happy meal !!!

Singapore Blogger
Sun Lok Noodle House is a family-run casual eatery specialising in Chinese cuisine. They offer a wide varity of food from small bites such as dim sum to full meals such as noodles, congee and dishes such as steamed fish and hotplate bean curd etc.
Carrot cake
Carrot cake my favorite food is made of Chinese radish, rice flour and corn starch to help to bind the ingredients together. The key is the chef correct proportion of ingredients put together and the precise steam time to achieve the firm texture when its put into our mouth it dissolve and leave smooth taste in our palate.
starchy porridge
I love smooth and starchy porridge. To achieve good and delicious porridge. Stirring and simmer are most important part of the procedure. Porridge has to simmer for 4 hours to be smooth, naturally sweet and flavorful. There are varies types of porridge, I personally like the assorted with cuttlefish, nuts, fish fillet and shredded chicken porridge.
Wanton Mee
Wanton Mee:
By far this is the best wanton Mee I have eaten, it has many different elements, it's balance, springy, elastic quality and bouncy, the wonton, firm, unbroken, savory.
Kangkong with fermented bean curd is quite exotic. The common one are cook with sambal but for a change, another traditional way is to cook with fermented bean curb. This is a condiment, it has a great savory flavor.

Address :1 Yuan Ching Road, #01-05, Singapore 618640
Hours of Operations : Daily: 11.30am - 10.00pm

Sunday, 16 October 2016

If I were you, would adore me and my foods.

One of the reasons we came back to One Ocean Seafood was because we missed their food.  l radiate joy and optimism and I truly believe that good food can come from anywhere and everywhere and I appreciate all food as well as the effort of those preparing and making them.
Seafood Deluxe Basket, a pretty good sized seafood in a basket, they have a variety of seafood, mussel, clams, fish, sausage, corns and potatoes full of flavor, the sauce was specially brought back from oversea by the boss. I personally like it.

Black pepper Crab
Black pepper Crab has its dry consistency. It's becoming very popular dish and suitable to the majority crab lover as the crab is all happily mingled with dried shrimp, aromatic curry leaves, chilies with their secret ingredients Dong Gui but it's not over power. Definitely their signature dish.
Special Steam Tilapia
Special Steam Tilapia, chinese style steamed fish rock with hot and spicy bean sauce topped garlic and ginger. It tastes a bit saltish but it has lift up with the plum sauce, give a very balancing taste.
Phoenix Chicken
Phoenix Chicken is made of chicken skin and prawn paste or mince shrimp, deep fry to crispy, almost taste like piglet dish. Phoenix chicken is less oily as it from prawn.
Curry Fish Head, this dish is a tantalizing combination of Chinese and Indian flavours, cooked with spices, herbs and fennels. Soaked in the curry with fish head, egg plants, bean curds, cabbages.
Honey Glazed Pork Rib
Honey Glazed Pork Rib, easy finger licking, lip smacking yummylicious glazed rack of pork ribs! Embrace the pork and enjoy these honey glazed ribs with the ingredients wine, blueberry and champagne.

One Ocean Seafood address:
7 Mandai Link #01-06 Mandarin Connection, Singapore 728653.
Open Daily: 1am -230pm, 5pm-1030pm.                      

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Concept Design by Art Decor

I have the opportunity to visit the site and see in real time how renovation is progressing. We created a small video montage to show some of the progress pictures of the renovation. We hope you enjoy!

Do you know why I chose this design and concept as I personally like nature and the theme is rich wood close to nature. The colour is light brown and white as the design team decide to keep this veneer fabric as veneer is very expensive, durable which can stay strong for a long period of time and also it's in good condition.
So now you know why?
we call it Rich Wood Close to Nature.

-This is a living room, there is a brim behind, the design team has create a C ark to cover this brim to give a bold and a settle feel with the craft wall it has a nature, cosy and sentimental feel.

Out of the whole design and concept this will be my favorite area, it has interset the living room and the pathway, giving the living room a private, warm and relax area. Prevent from others from peeping in, haha!

This is a shoe cabinet with the stool where you can sit there to wear your shoes and a book shelve. Can you figure out what is this ? Is a letter A" alphabet.

Bedroom:  this room is what we call Rich wood close to nature. It has all the light brown and white close to nature and close to my heart.

Art Decor has it core objective, listening to their client's dreams and vision translating them into realities.
Art Decor has won over people with his sincerity, intelligence and tenacity.
Therefore I am happy to share and introduce Art Decor to my friends and family.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Meats wrapped in betel leaves, popular in Vietnamese cuisine @Lucky Saigon

Lucky Saigon
Singapore Blogger
Lucky Saigon a authentic cuisine restaurant and traditional way offerings of coconut bowls and spoons. Appetisers such as translucent rice paper spring rolls and shredded chicken, beef pho all are their specialists.
The beef pho broth is rather light with the toppings of beef slices, beef brisket and beef balls. The beef balls spongy and delicious as well as fresh herbs and vegetables such as mint, basil and beansprouts.
Wild betel leaves
Wild betel leaves are very popular in Vietnamese cuisine as well. The beef wrapped in betel leaves which are typically grilled over a charcoal flame with vermicelli noodles served on it’s own as appetizers. In raw form there is not much of a fragrance, but when grilled, the betel leaves impart a wonderful herbacious and slightly peppery aroma to the beef. The aroma is truly unique and it also helps to seal in the beef’s moisture and juices.
Fried Spring Rolls
Fried Spring Rolls, the deep-fried Spring rolls are crispy and the golden brown exterior is just another plus. The Spring Rolls filling is made of group pork, shrimp, crab meat, with shredded carrots, mung bean noodles and is utterly delicious and tantalizing.
Vietnamese Baguette
Vietnamese Baguette is sandwich that is French loaf bread has grilled to lightly crispy not the chewy rustic kind, as for encasing while not overshadowing the other ingredients.

17 North Canal Road (2nd Floor Singapore, 048829.
Tel; 6532 3363