Saturday, 30 April 2016

Day 1 in Tokyo

5 Days Trip in Tokyo fortunately, I stayed at the Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo, next to the Tokyo Station in Chiyoda. Opened in March 2nd, 2009, its been picked as the number one luxury hotel in the world in TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Award 2012. 

Dinner at Nadaman restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo. 
Since 1830, this famous Nadaman group of restaurants has been treating its diners traditional Japanese specialties such as kaiseki. While waiting for the Omaska course, I ordered the Toro and salmon sashimi. It's very fresh.

The Omaska set; the goose liver dish was served hot, the liver was slightly fan & the sauce was savory and delicious.

The miso egg soup was good. The fresh lobster was very succulent. 

The abalone with garlic herbs on the top was freshness! 

The Wagyu Beef or Japanese beef, is known for its quality. When served with traditionally smoking, it gives an unbelievable rich flavor that melts in the mouth.

The fried rice with shrimps and eggs was tasty and the serving was just nice. 

The Omasaka is about ¥22000, it's a wonderful dinner.

Night scene at Roppongi, 

After dinner, we went to Roppongi. It is a district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan, famous as home to the rich Roppongi Hills area and an active night club scene. Roppongi Hills is one of Japan's largest integrated property developments, located in the Roppongi district of Minato, Tokyo. There are many foreign embassies located in Roppongi, and the night life is popular with locals and foreigners alike. It is in the central part of Tokyo, south of Akasaka and north of Azabu.-La Hotel, Tokyo. Will share more on shopping for the next few days. 

Good night晚安

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Its Japan Hour at the all new Hokkaido Izakaya

Along the stretch of Tanjong Pagar, you'll find 30 restaurants, cafes, bars and bridal shops. A Japanese restaurant that's 'Izakaya'  you feel you are in Japan again!

Japanese Restaurant
The Japanese Omelette mixed with milk is one you shouldn't miss, it looks like bean curd and it tastes smooth with a dollop of melted butter on top! The Kakiage Tempura Soba is a good deal to have for lunch. Its 100g-300g quantities  noodle in miso soup, served with crispy tempura! You can dip and savour with the hot soba soup.
Japanese Restaurant
The Hokkaido Potato Salad is something to scream about, if you love carbo, this energy busting dish taste good in their home-made sauce!
Japanese Restaurant
Stir-Fried Lamb Shoulder & Vegetable with Special Sauce. It is a Japanese grilled mutton dish prepared on a convex metal skillet or other grill, but for this dish, the lamb was stir-fried. The dish is popular on the northern island of Hokkaido.
Singapore Food Blogger

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Crab Party! I am Loving the Dishes.

Crab Party its a restaurant. There are over 10 different styles of preparing the crab dish to choose from.

1) Bbq Sotong
I love this side dish, it very fresh and tasty!

2) Double taste kai-lan
The kai-lan dish is fry to crisp!

3) Cambodia style red garoupa
The fish is deep fry and they use their in house sauce, taste a pinch sweet, sour and spicy, tasty.

4) Bangkok curry crab
Chilli crab, a popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia, has been promoted by The Singapore Tourism Board as one of Singapore's National Dishes, and can be found in seafood restaurants. They use their in-house spicy sauce for this Curry Crab.

5) Salted egg crab
This popular dish is an all-time favourite at hawker stalls and restaurants in Singapore. To eat the crabs, crack the shells, suck the meat and the salted egg yolks.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tete-a-tete and tea

You can definitely have both at KUVO. I am a Tai tai and as you all know drinking of tea is a social event for upper classes that originated in UK and is now adapted everywhere and you can experience this at the heart of Orchard road- KUVO. I love to spend my afternoons in this multiconcept restaurant that has a bar counter with a wide range of drinks that will surely suit everyone’s taste and also a dining area for those who would love to indulge in a meal. The mood and ambiance here is perfect for their highlight which is the KUVO HIGH TEA. Some of you may wonder what HIGH TEA is and where the name originated but basically it is just like the famous “afternoon tea” in UK but instead of serving it on a low table and sitting in low comfortable chairs, couch or sofas it is served on a high table. High tea is a meal with variations. You can see in the photos posted below that it has a 3-tier set.
You can experience an exquisite selection of specially crafted KUVO’s signatures and their classic favorites complemented by sweet nibbles available on the buffet spread.

1st tier have chicken satay, scallop and crisp wanton. 2nd tier composed of beef burger and steam egg and lastly the 3rd tier or the bottom has assorted pastries like cakes and muffin. I also had a plate of my favorite which is scone with kaya. Kaya jam is famous here in Singapore and is actually made of coconut paste with pandan that’s why it is green in color. BTW, the texture of the scone is very smooth. You can experience this afternoon delight any day from 2pm to 5pm. You know what else? They also have a live band from Thursdays to Saturdays to those who want to chill and a gift shop to those who want to bring home a piece of Kuvo. Talk about perfection right? Kuvo surely knows how to impress!

321 Orchard Rd, #02-01 Orchard Shopping Centre, Orchard Shopping Centre, Singapore 238866.
Open today 12PM-1AM 
Tel: 6733 8272 

Monday, 18 April 2016

Singapore Food Blogger # Japanese delight at Shinagawa

Today, I'm going to recommend one of my favorite Japanese Restaurant, Which is Shinagawa Ramen located at International Plaza. I am so grateful to be invited to this restaurant for video shooting with Ashley and Moon. 

In order to make the video fun, we make it as a game. All of us cannot use language that we use everyday. Like me, I used to be speak English everyday, so I can only speak Chinese or Cantonese to describe the food.

Let me introduce some of dishes at Shinagawa Ramen.

Singapore Blogger


Salad as appetizer is always been the best way to start a meal. The ideal mixture of salad depends on the type of vegetables and freshness of ingredients.

Singapore Blogger

Spider maki

The spider maki is always served hot, the battered softshell crab, and other ingredients such as cucumber, avocado, daikon sprouts or lettuce, and spicy mayonnaise, rolled inside nori and sushi rice makes it all the better when its make-to-order.

Tom yum ramen

We added extra spicy to this Tom yum ramen because of our game but you can choose a different level of spiciness according to your preference. The broth has a light lemongrass and rich seafood fragrance, it is a unique Japanese version of Tom yum  which you can only enjoy here

Dynamic roll

Eating dynamic roll is like eating a mouthful of premium ingredients, look at the mouth-watering salmon on the roll. The boss is so generous! The salmon covers the roll entirely that makes it so tasty!

Beauty Regime

BB vs CC cream
I just love these acronym! CC cream is the marketing term for Color Control cream or Color Correcting cream; just like BB cream is Blemish Balm cream or Beauty Balm. BB creams and CC creams are both moisturizers sun protection.

Hera UV Mist Cushion 
I wonder what goddess Hera, the wife and one of three sisters of Zeus in the Olympian, would think when a Korean company decides to use her name for a line of beauty products. 'Great Hera' exclaimed wonder woman, the UV Mist Cushion the Olympia Le-Tan collection comes in two versions -the Black Collection for evening and the Pink Collection for day. 

Laneige loose powder
Like exactly what the name suggests, loose. Its for the modern woman ready-to-go no fuzz chop chop all set to go shopping or even working. 

Fancy a ESTEE Lauder lip or a CHANEL lip?
Try the Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre No.35 Rich Red or Chanel for a great night out!

Omakase trust at Takumi simply delicious !

Its rare to find a restaurant that offers Omakase , its an authentic Japanese hospitality at mealtime. 'Omakase' is a Japanese phrase that means "I'll leave it up to you". It commonly convey to the chef that the patron would leave the choice of food to him.

At Takumi Restaurant, when you see Takumi Kacyo Course OMAKASE on its menu, not only the chef is culinary-skilled, all the ingredients, vegetables, etc... are fresh for other courses as well.  We understand Takumi air-flown their supply 2 or 3 times per week and it is also subjected to seasonal availability.

Singapore Blogger

The most primal instinct in Omakase tradition is the trust we have in the chef, and in that trust, the chef ensures our gourmet experience from start to finish is perfect to a tee!

Singapore Blogger

Saturday, 16 April 2016

My Mask

Sometimes I wonder what sells a beauty product, the name that sounded like a popular dish or the product is really good. In order to know if the product is really good, we assess the ingredients used,  I shall be professional, so here's how you use it. 
Facial Lift Wrap CLARINS

Apply in a thick layer to the face and neck, on perfectly cleansed and dry skin. Avoid the eye contour area. Leave for 10-20 minutes then rinse with cold water. 

Laneige Water Bank Essence

Laneige is a very popular Korean brand through its signature products like the Water Bank Essence and the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. If you are familiar with Korean pop culture, you might be familiar with Song Hye Kyo who has been the spokesperson for Laneige since 2008. 
The new water sleeping mask has patented the following:
• Sleeptox: hunza apricot and evening primrose extracts
• Moisture Wrap: its like a porous film to lock in moisture
• Sleepscent: scented with orange fruit flower, rose, ylang ylang and sandalwood oil.
The instructions says to smell it for 3 seconds before applying, hmm... When any beauty product is scented, I really wonder the reason behind it, as it's not some aroma therapy.

In the evening, apply on face After taking an appropriate amount (2.5 cm in diameter is recommended), mark on nose tip, cheeks, forehead, and chin area, and enjoy the scent for about 3 seconds. Gently spread over the face. Go to sleep after the product is absorbed without rinsing off. Use twice or three times a week. Apply more than recommended amount when your skin is particularly dry.  I am so tempted to recommend other masks but this product is real good.

My Daily Skin Care

1) CLARINS Gentle Foaming Cleanser, 
This dermatologist tested is as gentle as cleansing milk. It brings out the brightest in all types of complexions, ideal for normal to combination skin. Gently lather onto damp skin. Rinse thoroughly using cool water in the morning and warm water in the evening.

2)  CLARINS, defining eye lift
This miracle eye lift cream stimulates lymphatic circulation and has a draining action to prevent puffiness. Apply Defining Eye Lift to the eye contour morning and/or evening. Carry out this Clarins Manual Auto-Lifting Method after application: head down resting on hands with palms covering the eyes for 10-20 seconds. If you wear contact lenses, remove them first as a precaution.

3) SOTHYS softening emulsion 
It is a hydra protection. This fluid absorbs quickly into the skin and has a mattifying effect on the skin. An excellent base before makeup application.

4) ESTEE LAUDER, Nutritious Vitality8" Radiant Moisture Creme 
This is your instant infusion of intense hydration. Moisturizes all day long Helps neutralize environmental aggressors with lasting anti- oxidant power. Leaves skin looking smoother healthier, dewy fresh.

5)  CLARINS UV PLUS HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40
Clarins’ new anti-oxidant from Provence claims the Invisible protection so sheer, it pairs perfectly with any moisturizer. Btw, this product been tested on animals. I rest my case.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Day 3 in Shanghai

2. Oriental Pearl Tower
The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower 东方明珠塔; is a TV tower in Shanghai, China. Its location at the tip of Lujiazui in the Pudong district by the side of Huangpu River, opposite The Bund, makes it a distinct landmark in the area. 

The tower was completed in 1994. At 468 m high, it was the tallest structure in China from 1994–2007, till Shanghai World Financial Center was built. and it is classified as a AAAAA scenic area by the China National Tourism Administration.

From the Oriental Pearl Tower, the connecting bridge to the IFC Mall is where all the international brand boutiques can be found! The mall has many famous international restaurants like Morten, Takumi, Lei Garden, Tonkatsu etc... I had lunch at ISOLA , an Italian Restaurant with live seafood tank. I ordered the Bake Seabass and Lobster Linguine. It was a satisfactory meal after all the walking. Thumbs up! 

When its time for dinner, I decided to try Takumi restaurant where I bumped into an old friend who used to work at Singapore Takumi 5 years ago! What a pleasant surprise! She is no other than Ms Yukiko Kusumi, the manager of Takumi Shanghai. Anyway, I had the toro and salmon that just melt in the mouth. The fish was grilled on the spot and serve immediately. The wagyu was juicy and succulent, superb. And I like how they pay attention to the slightest detail like the towel is new, definitely not recycled! 

3. Zhujiajiao 朱家角

This is an ancient town located in the Qingpu District of Shanghai. The population of Zhujiajiao is 60,000. Zhujiajiao is a water town on the outskirts of Shanghai, and was established about 1,700 years ago. Archaeological findings dating back 5,000 years have also been found. 36 stone bridges and numerous rivers line Zhujiajiao, and many ancient buildings still line the riverbanks today.