Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Crab Party! I am Loving the Dishes.

Crab Party its a restaurant. There are over 10 different styles of preparing the crab dish to choose from.

1) Bbq Sotong
I love this side dish, it very fresh and tasty!

2) Double taste kai-lan
The kai-lan dish is fry to crisp!

3) Cambodia style red garoupa
The fish is deep fry and they use their in house sauce, taste a pinch sweet, sour and spicy, tasty.

4) Bangkok curry crab
Chilli crab, a popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia, has been promoted by The Singapore Tourism Board as one of Singapore's National Dishes, and can be found in seafood restaurants. They use their in-house spicy sauce for this Curry Crab.

5) Salted egg crab
This popular dish is an all-time favourite at hawker stalls and restaurants in Singapore. To eat the crabs, crack the shells, suck the meat and the salted egg yolks.

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