Tuesday, 31 May 2016

French food at Horizon Bistronomy.

Horizon Bistronomy French Restaurant at 456 Alexandra road NOL building,

Chilled Truffle Angel Hair
Its chilled truffle angel hair, ikura, golden tobiko, crab meat and chorizo oil. The angel hair was oily with vinegar taste with generous display of crab meat and salmon roe. The golden tobiko adds glitter to the dish.

Trio of Pork
Its crispy pork belly, honey braised pork belly, smoked Kurobuta Tenderloin, celeriac puree, romanesco and cauliflower. This dish goes well with white wine that has a tinge of green apple fragrance...

Its seared salmon with mint apple and pea puree; duck fats, potato, salmon roe, deep fried pasta, lemongrass and beurre blanc. This dish goes well with acidic wine so that the fishy smell doesn't overwhelm the experience, especially when the fish turns cold.

Chicken breast 
It is served with parsnip purée, corn, shimeiji mushroom and cherry tomatoes on vine. This goes well with a slightly acidic wine with a creamy taste to create a more aromatic blend.

Affordable price especially their set lunches, and the food is reasonably good.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Sek Tong Gai Seafood Galore at Tanglin Halt

Famous for its seafood Cantonese cuisines, they rebranded themselves as Sek Tong Gai instead of Sin Lee Chinese Cuisine.

They've come a long way since the Tiong Bahru days where they spent 18 years whipping up mouthwatering dishes for loyal customers. They moved to Neil Road for the next 5 years before settling down at 47, Tanglin Halt Road.

They have well equipped tanks because they take pride in the freshness of the seafood they served. The chef and his wife run the show, and quality is something they dun compromise.

Singapore Blogger
鱼翅, the shark fin at Sek Tong Gai has very generous portion. Though Sek Tong Gai delight their customers through a special in-house processing of the fins, they remain mindful of shark finning. They discourage fisherman in discarding the Sharks back into the ocean after cutting the fins.
If you like roe, this Crab Mee Hoon is the dish for you. It is savory with crab roe. It's like one of those dishes that u would keep eating till you realize you were already full 5 mins ago.
Singapore Blogger
The Grilled Live Fish served with Japanese vinegar is amazingly fresh and the way it's been prepared by grilling, gave that extra flavor to the dish!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Pixie Nail Spa at the heart of Orchard

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Conveniently located at the heart of Orchard Road,  this nail spa is one place you may visit - every week! The manicurists and beauticians do nail care treatments, manicures and pedicures, nail extension and waxing hair removal at reasonable prices.

I had mine at Pixie Nail Spa recently, and yes, the procedures that go behind each manicures and pedicures is like taking notes for exam. So here goes:

1) Step One - Remove cuticle
 2) Step Two - Cut Dead Skin
 3) Step Three - Nail Shaping
 4) Step Four - Grinding Nail
 5) Step Five - Clean Nail
 6) Step Six - Remove Oil
 7) Step Seven - Apply Vitagel
 8) Step Eight - Apply Foundation
 9) Step Nine - Apply Gel
 10) Step Ten - Nail Art
 11) Step Eleven - Apply Rhinestones (accessories stones)
 12) Step Twelve - Start flashing your beautiful manicure nails.

Singapore Blogger

The manicurist recommended applying vitamin gel to strengthen and protect the nails.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

De'Beer Seafood Restaurant at Kranji resort

This De'Beer eatery is one place your family will enjoy on a Sunday night out or after work leisure. Located at Kranji Farm Resort, this seafood restaurant serves up to the West side at Sunset Lane and has a 'live' band to entertain its patrons.

Flaming Chicken
De'Beer Seafood Restaurant @ Singapore Blogger

De'Beer Seafood Restaurant @ Singapore Blogger
The name of this dish is also called an 'edible bird that is on fire', I will recommend it because the way it was prepared brings out the flavor of the  chicken, pork ribs and mushroom beautifully. The chicken use here are kampong chicken, no antibiotics or hormones. The meat is leaner but tastier, with alcohol to further enhance the flavour of this dish! The percentage of alcohol used is very low, suitable for children.

Lala Mee Fen
De'Beer Seafood Restaurant @ Singapore Blogger
The Lala mee hoon is everyone's favorite and you should try if you haven't. The mee hoon is served up with generous portion of gravy and clam.  It goes well with home made chilli (Bala-chian).

Sauna Stone Prawns

De'Beer Seafood Restaurant @ Singapore Blogger
Expect these prawns to be cooked with a variety of herbs when placed in a 'hot bath' with hot stones at the bottom, the prawns turn out not only very fresh but very tasty too!

Pomfret Fish
De'Beer Seafood Restaurant @ Singapore Blogger
The pomfrets at de beer are kept in large tanks to ensure the freshness of each pomfret dish it serves.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Sek Tong Gai Eatery

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If you are familiar with Singapore cuisine, you can't miss the famous Crab Bee Hoon at Sek Tong Gai restaurant. It is usually made up of white rice vermicelli noodle (bee hoon) or Chinese vermicelli (dong fen), cooked with seafood stock and mud crabs. Yes, the crabs are big, soaked in the essence of the broth, making it the highlight of the dish; the crab aftertaste through the bee hoon was heavenly delicious!

Crab stewed with Mee Hoon
Singapore Food Blogger
Sek Tong Gai, since 1989, is a Cantonese Seafood Restaurant with air-conditioned interiors and outdoor seating. Formerly known as Sin Lee Chinese Cuisine, it began at Tiong Bahru for 18 years prior moving to Neil Road for 5 years where they reestablished themselves at the current location in Tanglin Halt. Sek Tong Gai at 47 Tanglin Halt Road #01-317

Midnight Japanese Supper Time

As a blogger, I would be mindful of the dietary needs of my readers. This place is ideal for our Muslim friends since its Halal, and this is the only Ramen stall that opens after midnight 5pm to 5am.

They are known for their soup which took 30 hours to bring the meat to boil.

Beef Ramen
Singapore Food Blogger
The broth is cooked with chicken bones and boiled for 30 hours together with beef shanks and meat, with peppermint and lemongrass to enhance the flavor. I personally like the beef ramen broth, the taste is thick not salty. The noodle texture is chewy and springy.

Volcano Ramen 
Singapore Food Blogger
The broth is cooked with chicken bones and boiled for 30 hours, includes assorted vegetables to make it a healthier dish. There are 3 level on the spicy that I can chose from and I will recommend the original one.

Dry Ramen 
Singapore Food Blogger
The noodle is serve in the room temperature and the have a pretty decent taste. The eggs is soft and not mushy. The Noodles is customized from the factory to cater to only the ramen stall which you cannot find anywhere else.

Kaisen Don (rice) 
Singapore Food Blogger
Its assorted Sashimi with rice, the rice has sticky texture such that it can easily be picked up with chopsticks.

Kushiyaki set (rice) 
Singapore Food Blogger
A choice of skew or grilled on the spot upon ordering. It has char-burn and smoke taste. Their 3 sauces are in house miso, kimchi, teriyaki sauce.

Prawn with Mayo and roe, 
Singapore Food Blogger
They use tiger prawn which is succulent and tantalizing. Their home-made  recipe with mayonnaise. Grilled big prawn with mayo, miso and kimchi sauce which makes it one of their popular dishes.

Teppanyaki beef
Singapore Food Blogger
The Teppanyaki beef black pepper has a dash of sweet with black pepper sauce. The meats are succulent and juicy. The beef is marinated with home made sauce, and when stir fried with black pepper sauce, it just leave you a satisfying grin. The last time I came here and I have finished the whole plate on my own.

I quite enjoyed the food. The chicken-based broth was very flavorful and tasty, they don’t add any MSG because they pride themselves for 'no artificial flavoring added'

Friday, 13 May 2016

Ah Yat abalone only in Singapore the best (Hotel Grand Pacific)

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Abalones is a valuable food source for humans in every area of the world; also known as bao yu, you can find it in all Chinese banquet. Abalone is considered a luxury item, like bird nest soup, and known to treat arthritis. Unfortunately, its been threatened with extinction due to overfishing and acidification of oceans from anthropogenic carbon dioxide.

The fish maw
Ah Yat abalone
In case you may know,  fish maw is an internal gas-filled organ that contributes to fish's buoyancy. It doesn't come cheap too,  its one of the luxury ingredients in Chinese cuisine. Anyway I find the fish maw here bland, slippery smooth but I loved it for its properties that this is good for rejuvenation and skin collagen.

Baked Boston Lobster
Ah Yat abalone
The lobster meat was succulent and tender as I know if it is cook any longer it will become rubbery. The superior sauce was deliciously seasoned. The ingredients are Lime, Salted Egg, Cream. Compliment to the chef whom I personally know for quite some time now.

The stewed fish
Ah Yat abalone
The fish is pan fried and stewed with Braised Beancurd and Vegetables on the top, make the dish tasty and savory.

Deep Fried Pork Chop with bbq sauce
Ah Yat abalone
I thought the pork was simply delicious, with a combination of deep fried pork and stir sauce together. Good combo!

Double Boiled Bird's Nest:
Ah Yat abalone
Double Boiled Bird's Nest with Fresh coconut and egg.

A well balance soothing & comforting desert. It is rich in protein, collagen and other nutrients and minerals. proven to have health benefits. strengthening our immune and respiratory system, skin and pregnant women.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Food galore at Ding Heng Kitchen Science Park

Tofu skin prawns 腐皮虾
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Its a dim sum dish, and it can be found in Hong Kong an most Chinese restaurant. Ding Heng specially handmade the tofu skin. It's an authentic dish that our grandma will make for us when I was younger. We helped her to clean the salt away on the tofu skin before roll the prawn and sotong paste to deep fry. Its always service hot and crispy.

White Tom yum prawns 白冬炎虾.
Singapore Food Blogger
Prawn has its natural sweetness, but when add with lemon grass, lime leave and turmeric, the soup has the power to satisfy any taste buds. Yes, more appetizing and tasty for sure! It has healthy benefit, sinus, flu and boost our immunity system and metabolism.

Yu Lan cai yuan chicken 玉兰菜园鸡
Singapore Food Blogger
When you steam kampong chicken, to keep the meat moist and tender. Thats should be the way how chicken should taste! A good source of low fat protein. It always come with this ginger and garlic sauce too!

Cream pork ribs 奶油排骨:
Singapore Food Blogger
If you like anything creamy, this is the dish for you! The tender pork ribs served with creamy sauce will just melt in your mouth! The pork ribs have been pan fried and stir fry with the butter milk to create this tantalizing cream pork ribs.
Secret tips, the chef have gently massage the pork ribs to soften the meat before he cook.

Char Hor Fun 海鲜河粉
Singapore Food Blogger
Hor Fun with char burnt base is not easy to find these days, but you can find it here at Ding Heng.  It is a popular hawker food from Penang, made with flat rice noodles, vermicelli, and topped with a thick sauce.

The car park is free for Weekend whole day and Weekdays after 6.30pm free parking.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Mookata the best at Charcoal Thai at Serangoon Central

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Mookata is a Thai barbecue steamboat that has been gaining popularity in recent years. At Charcoal Thai they use Japanese white Binchotan charcoal to fire up the pot. The Thai meaning of Mookata is  ‘pork’ and ‘skillet’. Usually water is used as the soup base, but in Singapore, they use light flavoring. The idea is for broth to take up the essence of the grilled meat juice that drip from the dome and together with vegetables, you have that richness in taste and flavor soup!

Beauty in the Pot
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The signature collagen soup Beauty in the Pot's broths is made of chicken and pork bones. It look like a jelly, semi solid soup that disintegrates magically into a creamy thick broth when it heated. It's super rich in both flavor and collagen, not to mention healthy too. A beauty regime perfect for all ages!

Thai Chicken Hot pot
Singapore Blogger
Many homes nowadays in large cities, the traditional coal-heated steamboat or hot pot has been replaced by electric, propane, butane gas, or induction cooker versions. Using the same method of a electric cooker, the chicken and pork used for this iron pot, is simply delicious! The gravy is thick which makes it more perfect with rice.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Day 5 in Tokyo

Last day is always a sweet sorrow experience for me. As I have to be back for my filming youTube channel; and on the other hand, I'll miss Tokyo! The people I have encountered, the food, the walking, the food vending machine, etc. 

On board the plane, I was recommended to try the special created cold and hot dishes by Japanese chef, I managed to eat the fish and asked for 2 white bowl of plain porridge, apologies to the chef, what cold hot dishes, I thought its hot first then cold right? Anyway, I appreciate the gesture for the special creation, but sometimes plain bread with butter does the trick! 

Haha... I had waffle for breakfast, and that familiar taste just brought a smile to my face.

I will be back to Hokkaido Japan!

Day 4 in Tokyo part 2)

For dinner, we went to the famous Nihonbashi. This was definitely one of the highlights in dining experience. Every dish would only hunger me for more! We had the fresh wasabi that is grated, traditionally on a sharkskin grater called an oroshi, also the shrimp with cucumbers and gelly vinegar, snapper sushi, squid sushi, yellow tail fish, crab sushi, Urchin sushi, salmon caviar etc!

Oh the bill was ¥$20000 per person, that's about $240 SD!
We will be back to this restaurant again when I am back to Tokyo.