Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Day 3 in Tokyo

There are 23 municipalities that together make up the core and the most populous part of Tokyo, Japan. Shinjuku house the busiest railway station in the world (Shinjuku Station) and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (very important people work there). 

Anyway I tried the ramen at the ICHIRAN Shibuya. It was a long queue because I think they only have 21 counter-seats, so the waiting time given was 1 hour, but actual waiting time was 40 mins, phew! The ramen was worth the wait! 

Tokyo is the vending machine capital of the world, so we had tried at least one vending machine. As you can see from the picture I've taken, you can choose your taste of soup, then you go into a room and seat in a little box table and wait. Not so instant huh? can you see the dark green thingy? Yup, that's my dessert! 

Matcha almond bean curd dessert 

We decided to head back to Ginza for dinner, big mistake. Dinner at "Dinner Gallery" look exclusive Resturant, 6.8 upon 10, as you can see from my gallery of pictures. Anyway, Ginza is a district of Tokyo located south of Yaesu and Kyōbashi, west of Tsukiji, east of Yūrakuchō and Uchisaiwaichō, and north of Shinbashi, which means lots of upscale things to see.

Gold leave on the top of the beer

Will explore more by tomorrow.

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