Tuesday, 31 May 2016

French food at Horizon Bistronomy.

Horizon Bistronomy French Restaurant at 456 Alexandra road NOL building,

Chilled Truffle Angel Hair
Its chilled truffle angel hair, ikura, golden tobiko, crab meat and chorizo oil. The angel hair was oily with vinegar taste with generous display of crab meat and salmon roe. The golden tobiko adds glitter to the dish.

Trio of Pork
Its crispy pork belly, honey braised pork belly, smoked Kurobuta Tenderloin, celeriac puree, romanesco and cauliflower. This dish goes well with white wine that has a tinge of green apple fragrance...

Its seared salmon with mint apple and pea puree; duck fats, potato, salmon roe, deep fried pasta, lemongrass and beurre blanc. This dish goes well with acidic wine so that the fishy smell doesn't overwhelm the experience, especially when the fish turns cold.

Chicken breast 
It is served with parsnip purée, corn, shimeiji mushroom and cherry tomatoes on vine. This goes well with a slightly acidic wine with a creamy taste to create a more aromatic blend.

Affordable price especially their set lunches, and the food is reasonably good.

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