Friday, 13 May 2016

Ah Yat abalone only in Singapore the best (Hotel Grand Pacific)

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Abalones is a valuable food source for humans in every area of the world; also known as bao yu, you can find it in all Chinese banquet. Abalone is considered a luxury item, like bird nest soup, and known to treat arthritis. Unfortunately, its been threatened with extinction due to overfishing and acidification of oceans from anthropogenic carbon dioxide.

The fish maw
Ah Yat abalone
In case you may know,  fish maw is an internal gas-filled organ that contributes to fish's buoyancy. It doesn't come cheap too,  its one of the luxury ingredients in Chinese cuisine. Anyway I find the fish maw here bland, slippery smooth but I loved it for its properties that this is good for rejuvenation and skin collagen.

Baked Boston Lobster
Ah Yat abalone
The lobster meat was succulent and tender as I know if it is cook any longer it will become rubbery. The superior sauce was deliciously seasoned. The ingredients are Lime, Salted Egg, Cream. Compliment to the chef whom I personally know for quite some time now.

The stewed fish
Ah Yat abalone
The fish is pan fried and stewed with Braised Beancurd and Vegetables on the top, make the dish tasty and savory.

Deep Fried Pork Chop with bbq sauce
Ah Yat abalone
I thought the pork was simply delicious, with a combination of deep fried pork and stir sauce together. Good combo!

Double Boiled Bird's Nest:
Ah Yat abalone
Double Boiled Bird's Nest with Fresh coconut and egg.

A well balance soothing & comforting desert. It is rich in protein, collagen and other nutrients and minerals. proven to have health benefits. strengthening our immune and respiratory system, skin and pregnant women.


  1. I've been to singapore in my early days...but I would surely need to visit soon as I have friends there. My family would love to have singapore accommodation as well.

  2. Alway welcome, if you need more info type me, cheers