Thursday, 12 May 2016

Food galore at Ding Heng Kitchen Science Park

Tofu skin prawns 腐皮虾
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Its a dim sum dish, and it can be found in Hong Kong an most Chinese restaurant. Ding Heng specially handmade the tofu skin. It's an authentic dish that our grandma will make for us when I was younger. We helped her to clean the salt away on the tofu skin before roll the prawn and sotong paste to deep fry. Its always service hot and crispy.

White Tom yum prawns 白冬炎虾.
Singapore Food Blogger
Prawn has its natural sweetness, but when add with lemon grass, lime leave and turmeric, the soup has the power to satisfy any taste buds. Yes, more appetizing and tasty for sure! It has healthy benefit, sinus, flu and boost our immunity system and metabolism.

Yu Lan cai yuan chicken 玉兰菜园鸡
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When you steam kampong chicken, to keep the meat moist and tender. Thats should be the way how chicken should taste! A good source of low fat protein. It always come with this ginger and garlic sauce too!

Cream pork ribs 奶油排骨:
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If you like anything creamy, this is the dish for you! The tender pork ribs served with creamy sauce will just melt in your mouth! The pork ribs have been pan fried and stir fry with the butter milk to create this tantalizing cream pork ribs.
Secret tips, the chef have gently massage the pork ribs to soften the meat before he cook.

Char Hor Fun 海鲜河粉
Singapore Food Blogger
Hor Fun with char burnt base is not easy to find these days, but you can find it here at Ding Heng.  It is a popular hawker food from Penang, made with flat rice noodles, vermicelli, and topped with a thick sauce.

The car park is free for Weekend whole day and Weekdays after 6.30pm free parking.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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