Monday, 23 May 2016

Midnight Japanese Supper Time

As a blogger, I would be mindful of the dietary needs of my readers. This place is ideal for our Muslim friends since its Halal, and this is the only Ramen stall that opens after midnight 5pm to 5am.

They are known for their soup which took 30 hours to bring the meat to boil.

Beef Ramen
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The broth is cooked with chicken bones and boiled for 30 hours together with beef shanks and meat, with peppermint and lemongrass to enhance the flavor. I personally like the beef ramen broth, the taste is thick not salty. The noodle texture is chewy and springy.

Volcano Ramen 
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The broth is cooked with chicken bones and boiled for 30 hours, includes assorted vegetables to make it a healthier dish. There are 3 level on the spicy that I can chose from and I will recommend the original one.

Dry Ramen 
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The noodle is serve in the room temperature and the have a pretty decent taste. The eggs is soft and not mushy. The Noodles is customized from the factory to cater to only the ramen stall which you cannot find anywhere else.

Kaisen Don (rice) 
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Its assorted Sashimi with rice, the rice has sticky texture such that it can easily be picked up with chopsticks.

Kushiyaki set (rice) 
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A choice of skew or grilled on the spot upon ordering. It has char-burn and smoke taste. Their 3 sauces are in house miso, kimchi, teriyaki sauce.

Prawn with Mayo and roe, 
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They use tiger prawn which is succulent and tantalizing. Their home-made  recipe with mayonnaise. Grilled big prawn with mayo, miso and kimchi sauce which makes it one of their popular dishes.

Teppanyaki beef
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The Teppanyaki beef black pepper has a dash of sweet with black pepper sauce. The meats are succulent and juicy. The beef is marinated with home made sauce, and when stir fried with black pepper sauce, it just leave you a satisfying grin. The last time I came here and I have finished the whole plate on my own.

I quite enjoyed the food. The chicken-based broth was very flavorful and tasty, they don’t add any MSG because they pride themselves for 'no artificial flavoring added'

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