Monday, 30 May 2016

Sek Tong Gai Seafood Galore at Tanglin Halt

Famous for its seafood Cantonese cuisines, they rebranded themselves as Sek Tong Gai instead of Sin Lee Chinese Cuisine.

They've come a long way since the Tiong Bahru days where they spent 18 years whipping up mouthwatering dishes for loyal customers. They moved to Neil Road for the next 5 years before settling down at 47, Tanglin Halt Road.

They have well equipped tanks because they take pride in the freshness of the seafood they served. The chef and his wife run the show, and quality is something they dun compromise.

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鱼翅, the shark fin at Sek Tong Gai has very generous portion. Though Sek Tong Gai delight their customers through a special in-house processing of the fins, they remain mindful of shark finning. They discourage fisherman in discarding the Sharks back into the ocean after cutting the fins.
If you like roe, this Crab Mee Hoon is the dish for you. It is savory with crab roe. It's like one of those dishes that u would keep eating till you realize you were already full 5 mins ago.
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The Grilled Live Fish served with Japanese vinegar is amazingly fresh and the way it's been prepared by grilling, gave that extra flavor to the dish!

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