Thursday, 30 June 2016

Professional service gives you the confidence at SG Face Beauty and Make-up Specialist

I was impressed with Michelle Fong, the owner of SG Face Beauty and Make-up Specialist, because she makes sure that her staff are sent on a monthly upgrading course so they are abreast with the latest technologies. This no doubt will ensure their customers get the best service too.

I decided to go for GINSENG GREEN TEA HYDRATING TREATMENT meant for Dry Dehydrated Combination skin. This treatment basically promote cell metabolism to increase skin resistance, its quick-fix healing and soothing effect due to the treatment's strong antioxidant; importantly its 24 hours hydrating! Not bad for a 90 mins treatment. As the name suggests, Green Tea and Ginseng are used in the treatment to prevent free radical damage, protects the skin from early signs of aging, soothes any inflammation, revitalizes skin cells and improve overall skin texture.
All facial products are from Sanvita® it is the name of Dr. Spiller's green tea based product line.
This treatment alone requires 12 steps, and Sanvita® Gel, Sanvita® Cream and Sanvita® Mask are used.
1. Eye Makeup Remover
2. Aloe Sensitive Cleansing Milk
3. Aloe Sensitive Cleansing Gel
4. Jojoba Peeling Cream
5. Extraction if requires
6. Sensitive Toner with Aloe
7. Moisture Ampoule
8. Anti Couperose Peel Off Mask
9. Sanvita® Gel
10. Sanvita® Cream
11. Sanvita® Mask
12. Sanvita® Gel/Cream and Aloe Vera Sun Sensitive SPF 25
I am really impressed with their service, and not once they push for sales! Face Beauty and Make-up Specialist

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Home delivery at affordable price at BUENOO Bistro in Bedok South

Buenoo Bistro at Bedok South specializes in home or office delivery, and yet it maintains a restaurant standard at affordable prices.
The Pesto Pizza topped with chicken, ham, rocket toasted pine nuts, feta cheese with pesto paste mozzarella cheese balsamic glaze. Pesto is a sauce originated in Genoa, the capital city of Liguria, Italy. So now you know why the pesto base is different.
 Buenoo Pizza topped with basil, black olive, prawn, toasted pine nut, tomato, onion, chicken salami and mozzarella cheese; also another healthy pizza with crust just right. 
Beef Bolognese
Bolognese is a meat-based sauce originating from Bologna, Italy, hence the name.They were very generous with the minced beef in tomato sauce, grated tomato sauce and garlic cheese parsley. 
Salmon Aglio Olio 
Spaghetti Aglio e olio is a traditional Italian pasta dish, coming from Napoli. Another healthy meal with herbed salmon with garlic and olive oil. They use good quality olive oil. 
Fish and Chip comes with generous amount of assorted vegetables compare to others. The flour was specially prepared for delivery, it's crispy and tasty.
The Muffins are made from butter and strictly vegetable oil. All their ingredients are mixed in-house.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Chongqing Hotplate originates from The Flying Plate restaurant, the dishes soared.

In case you don't know, The Flying Plate is the first restaurant that uses Chongqing Hotplate in Singapore. Since then, its the only restaurant that uses Chongqing Hotplate in Singapore. But we didn't have the usual bbq marinated meat and beers you would normally get from a Hotpot resturant with Chinese Teppanyaki styled of cooking. Yes I am confused, why the plate are flying? Anyway, we order some very delicious Sichuan Cuisine!

Flying Plate
Flying Plate
Mala Soup with slice beef
The good thing about The Flying Plates is you can choose your level of spiciness. Not many restaurant would bother really, but if the plates fly, it got to be good. Back to our sichuan dish. As you know, the Mala sauce is a popular oily, spicy, and numbing Chinese sauce which consists of Sichuanese peppercorn, chili pepper and various spices simmered with oil. It is regarded as a regional dish for Chongqing cuisine actually. Now I know why Chongqing cuisine is synonymous with Sichuan cuisine.
Flying Plate
Salted vegetable soup with slice fish
Hmm, what can I say about this dish... its very appetizing, the color of the soup is rather clear. Actually you can't go wrong with salted vegetable, because it can go with toufu or chicken, but
Flying Plate
Sichuan is fish slice

I am a huge fan of anything sweet and sour. Really! It encompasses many styles of sauce, cuisine and cooking methods. It is commonly used in China, but has been used in England since the Middle Ages and remains popular in Europe and America. So its an international hit dish! So i love this sweet and sour pork dish! Ok, I love deep fry too! It just makes my mouth water when I think about deep fried bitesized pork coated with corn flour, in sweet sour sauce! YUM!
Flying Plate
Spicy fry chickewingn 
Well, ironically, I can't write much about this signature dish cause I was almost blow away by the spices used for this dish. Hahaa... but if you love spicy, this has to be THE dish for you!

Ok the last dish we had was actually called The Flying Plate, so maybe the mystery of the flying plate would finally come to light, but all I saw was prawns cooked with beef. I have never been so confused in my life; but its good! I mean the tastebuds say good. Haha...

Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Chefs at Horizon the best

There is a culinary movement that sweeps through France earlier this decade to Singapore. A fine dining in an inexpensive restaurant was enough to frown upon by the young chefs started this ingenious way. The 'Bistronomy' comes from the word 'Bistro' for small inexpensive restaurant and 'Gastronomy' for the art of choosing and cooking at a particular fashion. No wonder the word 'Bistronomy' is often used to snub at chefs attempting non-traditional idea of a fine dining; but not today. because today, I went to support the very talented Chef Chris Fong at Horizon Bistronomy's Media Food Tasting event. Chef Fong is not only hardworking, he is gastronomically and culinary gifted too. 
I wrote about my experience with Horizon Bistronomy in my earlier blog post, but I knew I had to do it again because the dishes served today were just too good to give it a miss! Chef Fong put in so much thought and effort into the menu, you couldn't believe your eyes when reading the names of the each dish. 
Tomato Consommé.

The entree dishes were Heritage, Consistency, Simplicity and Clarification. I love Clarification because I need to clarify just how he home-cured a salmon?  Well, this entree was a winner to me because it was preserved well enough to be served in a clear broth of peas. baby zucchini, tomato puree and vegetables. 
For the main course that speaks Freshness and Technical, I went for Freshness Halibut that Chef Fong created for last Christmas menu. The presentation of this dish was pleasing to the eye, and it left my taste buds wanting more. Halibut is the largest of the marine flatfishes and a very important food source. Freshness Halibut comes with Daikon, Cauliflower, Burnt Onion and White Asparagus.
Freshness: Halibut
Pork Belly

For desserts, I had Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Deception and Memories; Deception- Orange Soba, I remember the fine strand of soba and the custard that being whipped many times to achieve the shredded look and taste. 
Orange Soba.
456 Alexandra road NOL building, Singapore 119962
Mon-Fri: 11:00 - 23:00

For reservation, please call the manager Ms Jacqueline Soh at 6274 3655

Friday, 24 June 2016

Day 5, Last day for my UK Trip.

As this is my last day for my UK trip, I decided to wake up early to have a good breakfast to power up my body and heighten my mood. I went to shop at London's famous Bond Street. This has been a popular shopping area since the early 18th century and home of many prestigious and expensive fashion retailers. It is literally considered a playground for society's most wealthiest and influential people and a haven for the fashion enthusiasts. It feels good to be back and it feels better after I bought a lovely bag.
I went to Harrods afterwards. 

Before my flight back to Singapore, I was delighted to have my afternoon tea at The Georgian Restaurant at Harrods. They serve champagne and good pastries like cupcakes and scones. But if you were always reading my blog you'd know by now that I prefer scones. I opt for the very fragrant Jasmin Chun tea as I am not a champagne lover. 
You need to secure a reservation first if you want to spend your afternoon here since this is "the epitome of high tea in London". If not, you will wait as there is a long queue.

Time to bid adieu so I went straight to Airport Terminal 2 Heathrow to catch my flight back to Singapore. 
I had a light snack before embark into the plane.
I took the 8pm London time (1am Singapore time). By the way, did you know you can overcome your jet lag quickly by telling the stewardess not to disturb you on your sleep and just to let them keep your food? This way they won't wake you up, your sleep is uninterrupted and your body will adjust faster that way.
I have my meal after I woke up.
The breakfast meal.

My UK trip has been amazing and I'd definitely be coming back for more. Where do you guys suggest I go next? :)

Thursday, 23 June 2016

A good meal at Leong Ji Seafood in Punggol

Leong Ji Seafood Resturant
Nyonya Fish 娘惹红斑
Nyonya cuisine comes from the descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Indonesia inter-marrying with local Malays and combines Chinese and Malay.The Nyonya fish is their signature dish. The recipe, passed down from the chef's grandmother, includes the different types of gingers & healthy milk without coconut milk.

Leong Ji Seafood Resturant
Crispy Duck 香酥鸭
The duck meat is marinated for 2-3 hours before it is sliced to shape. Similar to the Peking Duck, the meat is to be savoured for its thin and crisp skin.
Leong Ji Seafood Resturant
Hotplate Prawn 铁板斑兰叶虾
Stir-fried with chili, and serve the prawns in Pandan leaves on a hot plate. I am not a great fan of chili but yummy nevertheless.

Leong Ji Seafood Resturant
Leong Ji's Rojak 炸鱿鱼翁菜
This signature dish is specially created by their chef. Its Chinese salad with mixed vegetables and fruits. Mixed with sweet and sour sauce, local prawn paste, sugar and lime, this healthy dish comes with kangkong (water spinach or Ipomoea Aquatica), cucumber, Chinese turnip, cuttlefish, shredded mango and Chinese turnip. It goes very well with beer and a good company of friends!

Day 4 @Great Foster a16th-century mansion

Welcome to London! 

A place you must go! The Tudor Room at The Great Fosters. Great Foster is a 16th-century mansion which originally lay within Windsor Great Park and adjacent to the town of Egham, Surrey, England. They offer one of the most beautiful locations for afternoon tea in Surrey. The Cocktail Bar, Main Hall and Anne Boleyn are places you can find the afternoon tea being served. During the summer, they would serve tea on the terrace overlooking their stunning gardens. They cater for vegetarians, gluten free another special diets with 24 hours advance notice. 
Dinner at The Tudor Room was experience I won't forget. They also serve lunch and afternoon tea. Douglas Balish is the head chef, and the set dinner menu I had was the following:
28 Day Aged Beef Beef
Morels, wild garlic, potato terrine
Five British cheeses, truffled honey, fig chutney, apple, pecan
Jing Tea
Petitis Fours 

The Tudor Room opens for lunch on a Thursday & Friday and for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday. 

They have 43 bedrooms at The Great Fosters. They are awarded the AA 4 red star hotel. The Elizabethan architecture set on a 50 acres of stunning formal gardens and parkland. It is located minutes from the M3 and M25, and conveniently close to Heathrow and London.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Day 3 (pt 2) Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden!

Have you ever wanted to go to a fish house that is more than a century old but it is still impossible to get a table the same day? Well I had and I was so happy when I got a reservation for dinner at 21:00 on this famous seafood and shellfish restaurant at Stureplan in the center of Stockholm. Wonder what I'm talking about? Yeah you guessed it right, Sturehof! This is a classic brasserie serving swedish cuisine and would definitely be the top choice when you want a feast of seafood. Oh and did I mention that they claim to have the widest winelist in stockholm (more than 600 wines)? You can definitely chill here and specially that the customers are so diversed you can definitely immerse yourself! Sturehof is also a place where you can listen to artist performances and check out art exhibitions. This restaurant steeped with tradition is really quite modern in a way! For the food, as you can see on my pictures they look very appetizing and quite frankly they are! You'd think they might be tasteless because usually that is the case when it comes to seafood but the flavor lingers and you'd be excited for the next bite! They only serve fresh seafood that's why the flavors are so rich. So if you have an opportunity to visit Stockholm, come eat at one of the local's favorite.
Sturehof is truly one of Stockholm's gem!