Thursday, 23 June 2016

A good meal at Leong Ji Seafood in Punggol

Leong Ji Seafood Resturant
Nyonya Fish 娘惹红斑
Nyonya cuisine comes from the descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Indonesia inter-marrying with local Malays and combines Chinese and Malay.The Nyonya fish is their signature dish. The recipe, passed down from the chef's grandmother, includes the different types of gingers & healthy milk without coconut milk.

Leong Ji Seafood Resturant
Crispy Duck 香酥鸭
The duck meat is marinated for 2-3 hours before it is sliced to shape. Similar to the Peking Duck, the meat is to be savoured for its thin and crisp skin.
Leong Ji Seafood Resturant
Hotplate Prawn 铁板斑兰叶虾
Stir-fried with chili, and serve the prawns in Pandan leaves on a hot plate. I am not a great fan of chili but yummy nevertheless.

Leong Ji Seafood Resturant
Leong Ji's Rojak 炸鱿鱼翁菜
This signature dish is specially created by their chef. Its Chinese salad with mixed vegetables and fruits. Mixed with sweet and sour sauce, local prawn paste, sugar and lime, this healthy dish comes with kangkong (water spinach or Ipomoea Aquatica), cucumber, Chinese turnip, cuttlefish, shredded mango and Chinese turnip. It goes very well with beer and a good company of friends!

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