Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Beauty at Glamour means Ultherapy at its best

I have heard alot about Ultherapy, so I decided to give it a shot. Ultherapy is the only non-invasively lift for eyebrow, neck and under-chin. It basically restore a youthful appearance to the human face. Ultherapy can do deep into our skin layer 4.5mm dermis base deep compare to others they could go only lower dermis 3.m deep. Glamour Beauty House is a well established consultancy since 2001 and has several branches in Singapore.

The Ultherapy is only available in Hougang mall. This Ultherapy can be done maximum 3 times in a year only.
Basically the steps are
1) cleansing, process to remove dirt and make up.
2 ) draw the line on my face to indicate the areas to do the procedure.
3) apply gel on my face.
4) after that they use the equip to lift, tone and tighten loose skin on the brow neck under the chin.
3) after that they put the hydrate mask on my face
4) 20 mins later, they will clean up and apply toner, moisture, sun block.

My face glow almost immediately after the above steps were completed. My face was slightly lifted up I think, haha... Anyway I was told after 3 weeks, I will continue to see result.
Things to do
-Have to drink plenty of water for the next 3 days
-Continue to use hydrate mask for consecutive 10 days, after that do hydrate mask every 2 to 3 days as this period of time, my face will be very dry.
-try to drink collagen drink or collagen power or supplement as my face is going to build new collagen.
Things to avoid:
-Avoid hot spa and sun ray, sauna, steam face or too hot water to wash my face.
-Avoid big expression as the new collagen is going to form.
-Avoid above for these next 2-3 months. As it is going through the phase of Phagocytosis, Proliferative Phase, Fibroblasts, New Collagen Fibers, Regeneration Collagen.
I'll keep you posted after 3 weeks ok? BEAUTY HOUSE

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review. I am new to aesthetics and this is just what I need. Did you take a picture of the machine? I am curious what it looks like