Saturday, 18 June 2016

Casual dinning with the best Indian Cuisine in town at Curry Gardenn

It has been recognized as one of the best Indian restaurant in Singapore. No msg and no preservatives; its the true taste of India!  In order to create a healthier and lighter meal, they have modified traditional Indian recipes to eliminate excess fat, cholesterol and calories without sacrificing the taste and flavour.
Their Signature include
Curry Gardenn
Fish Head Curry
One of their specialities is the Curry Garden fish head Snapper (Angoli fish). Its available in spicy or non spicy.
Curry Gardenn
Chicken Sukka
The chicken was cooked with coconut grnules and Mangalorean style. Mangalre is the chief port city of Indiean state of Karnataka State costal line and very famous for Indian cuisine
Curry Gardenn
Drum of Heaven
This dish was grilled on charcoal. And you can pair this dish with cocktail or with cucumber slice, raw onion rings and chutney. Reshmi Kebab can also served with hot naans.
Curry Gardenn
Reshmi Kebab
Batter fried drumsticks with their secret recipe; very unique taste because a little sweet and sour, kinda leaves you with nice aftertaste you won't forget.

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