Monday, 20 June 2016

Chargrilled delight and sauce at Fat Saigon Boy

Tuck away deep in Ann Siang Hill, stands a shy Fat Saigon Boy. Since its opening last year, we get to know our Fat Saigon Boy through their Vietnamese Australian cuisine, which includes both mod and raditional stuff like the lemongrass Pork and Spice Prawn Salad, and brioche sliders with Crispy Pig Ear Chips.

Every dish has its home-made sauce, I do wish they start sellling it by the bottle, I want to buy!
Fat Saigon Boy
Delicious Chargrilled Lemongrass pork noodle
I took a piece of chargrilled pork and straightaway I could taste the lemongrass in my mouth! Its a good think I love lemongrass! Another bowl please!
Fat Saigon Boy
Chicken Phoi
Actually this was my preferred dish, the juicy charred chicken strips, fried chicken fritters, fresh herbs in roasted chicken broth soup makes all perfect! Yes, I love chicken meat!
Fat Saigon Boy
Baguette (Bánh mì) with filling BBQ lemongrass pork
The baguette is commonly found in Vietnam, when it was first introduced by the French during its colonial period. So I sneaked in this order to taste how it would go with their signature BBQ lemongrass pork. It literally melt in my mouth.
Fat Saigon Boy
Fish Cake
I didn't know they actually use minced salmon for the fish cake. So when its deep fried, the crust remained crispy but its inside was still moist... take skills to do that kind of combo.
Overall I am impressed with the food, especially the fish cake, and their home-made phoi. I am still waiting for their home-made sauce in the bottle. The sauce was good!Saigon Boy

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