Monday, 20 June 2016

Day 2, (Pt 2) Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden

When you are a foodie like me, you'd know the importance of Michelin stars everytime you decide to dine and luckily I had the pleasure to be invited to Mathias Dahlgren-Matbaren. It is located inside Grand Hotel (five star hotel) which will offer you a an exclusive, plush and relaxing environment that will surely give you a grand gastronomic experience! You'd be happy to know that their menu changes on a daily basis since they serve the very best of fresh seasonal produce owning up to the owner's philosophy about having a natural cuisine (natural produce and natural taste). How cool is that for us health and wellness ambassadors? Mathias Dahlgren is a Swedish Master Chef who won the culinary championship Bocuse d'Or in 1997. Bocuse d'Or is one of the world's most prestigious cooking competitions that most people frequently refer to it as the culinary equivalent of the Olympic Games. He was not only a champion but was selected as the Chef of the year four times in a row! He is the only Sweden to win a gold medal in the competition. No wonder he opened a restaurant that was named after himself last 2007 and gaining one Michelin star a year after. He has proven himself to Michelin reviewers "inspectors" that Mathias Dahlgren Restaurant was given 2 Michelin stars 2 years after it opened. There are only 2 Swedish restaurant ever to have this recognition! This restaurant is also proud to be one of the world's best 50 restaurants. A quick info, Mathias Dahlgren Restaurant is actually three in one. It is composed of Matsalen, Matbaren and Matbordet.
It was a pleasure meeting the Mathias Dahlgre team who are the silent heroes behind the food that is of top-notch quality. They asked me to share my opinion about their dishes. Master Chef Mathias Dahlgren is indeed one of Europe´s best! They created dishes just for us, and indeed it was one great gastronomic experience! 
No matter how many times I have eaten here, I am always excited to come back for more!

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