Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Day 3 (pt 2) Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden!

Have you ever wanted to go to a fish house that is more than a century old but it is still impossible to get a table the same day? Well I had and I was so happy when I got a reservation for dinner at 21:00 on this famous seafood and shellfish restaurant at Stureplan in the center of Stockholm. Wonder what I'm talking about? Yeah you guessed it right, Sturehof! This is a classic brasserie serving swedish cuisine and would definitely be the top choice when you want a feast of seafood. Oh and did I mention that they claim to have the widest winelist in stockholm (more than 600 wines)? You can definitely chill here and specially that the customers are so diversed you can definitely immerse yourself! Sturehof is also a place where you can listen to artist performances and check out art exhibitions. This restaurant steeped with tradition is really quite modern in a way! For the food, as you can see on my pictures they look very appetizing and quite frankly they are! You'd think they might be tasteless because usually that is the case when it comes to seafood but the flavor lingers and you'd be excited for the next bite! They only serve fresh seafood that's why the flavors are so rich. So if you have an opportunity to visit Stockholm, come eat at one of the local's favorite.
Sturehof is truly one of Stockholm's gem!

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