Sunday, 19 June 2016

Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden!

Day 1 @Stockholm, Sweden.
Have you ever been to a city that's so full of life? Well let me introduce you to Stockholm. It is Sweden's beautiful capital that boasts its grandeur proudly and is built on 14 islands surrounded by crystal clear water that is so clean you can even drink from the tap, swim or fish for salmon in the middle of the city! Can you imagine that? Well I can tell you and I fell in love the first time, I have been here in Sweden several times, I saw it with my own eyes. Known as a fashion conscious city, it has high standards from food to shopping, culture and entertainment. Occasionally called the Nordic Venice because of its beauty, You'd definitely want to visit this city more than once in your lifetime!
Since Heathrow Airport is known as the busiest airport in Europe, it took me around 1-2 hours at the immigration and to think I was at the express queue! So Amsterdam Immigration is surely a breather. I was there in the morning so I had my breakfast at the lounge first before boarding the plane to Stockholm. Non stop flight time took 2 hours and 15 minutes.

We stay at Hotel Reisin it is located at Gamla Stan where you get to feel the Old Town Stockholm. Crooked but beautifully preserved! You get to roam around looking at ochre-colored buildings and cobblestone streets and a plus since it is next to Royal Castle. We had lunch at Osterlanggatan restaurant and headed straight to the Royal Castle for a tour. I was priveleged to have my Swedish girl friend to arranged the best and famous food, hotel and places to go.
Dinner came and we had a reservation at a Michelin-Star Restaurant Villa Godthem. Villa Godthem is a historical home built in 1874 just a short walk from the Vasa Museum, Biology Museum, and Nordic Museum. It boasts a large veranda, an outdoor bar area and a classy indoor seating area with large picture windows. We went back early to the hotel to rest since we travelled from Singapore straight to Stockholm. 
Day 1 has been amazing. As they say, Stockholm is not only easy to explore but it is as easy to love!

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