Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Fish lovers would love Shu Jiang Grilled Fish (IMM)

As the name suggests, they are specialized in grilled fish. You can select your favorite fish to accompanied their vast range of delicious sauces that would definitely leave you an unforgettable taste.
I had the following appetizers:
Golden Shimeji Fritters which was  crispy and appetizing. 
Chilled Black Fungus with Chefs Sesame Sauce. A hint of sour make it very crunchy and tasty.
Braised Homemade Beancurd with vegetable in oyster Sauce was smooth silky and savory.
Pan-fried Iberico Pork, tender and tasty.
Crisps-fried Pork Cartilage with Chef Special Sauce Pan-fried Iberico Pork which was sinfully delicious!

Comes the main course
-Spanish Ayu with Black Bean Sauce served with celery Cube & Sliced Chilli sauce, which was slightly spicy just right to eat. The ingredients are fermented bean sauce, dry chili and onion 
- Barramundi Fillet with Chicken Bouillon served with King oyster Mushroom, Kyuri Cucumber & sauce. 
- Barramundi Fillet with blend of spice sauce served with Dried Chilli, cucumber, green chilli & onion sauce,. 

All the fish dishes were slightly crispy but not burn and soak in the sauce which make it a good combination. 

The dessert I had the following:
-Chilled Avocado And Beancurd Pudding Topped with Ice-cream 
-Chilled Cream of Mango with Sago and -Pomelo Chilled Stewed White Fungus with Dried Apricot 

Honestly, the name of each dish is long, don't you think? Its like self-explanatory.

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