Sunday, 5 June 2016

Hakata Japanese restaurant must try!

Hakata Japanese Restaurant, has 3 tatami-style private rooms that seat 6-8 people each. There is also a larger tatami room seats up to 20 people. The dining space can seats up to 50 people.
Indeed Hakata's quaint dining experience is something different for the family.

Hakata Japanese restaurant
All the sashimi air flown twice every week Tuesday and Friday. That would explain the high volume of customers on Wednesday and Saturday. The restaurant serve the sashimi in optimum temperature and cuts are succulent.
Hakata Japanese restaurant
The noodle is rather springy. The broth is boiled for 10 hours to get the robust flavor. The pork and chicken bones are the main part of the dish. The honey roasted pork also call Cha Sha is roasted in the kitchen daily till its soft and juicy. The roasted pork is cut in a thick and generously slices.
Hakata Japanese restaurant
Hand rolls
The seaweed is slightly crispy texture. I like it that way. The pearl rice are imported from Japan, so expect it to be good grade. A good mixed of ingredients make a world of difference for the hand rolls. Popular picks would be Taro, Salmon, Plum, California handrolls.
Hakata Japanese restaurant
Hakata Japanese restaurant
Beef and chicken Teppanyaki
The meat are of good quality. Their special home made sauce matched perfectly with the beef and chicken. Its always served in a right temperature - hot.

* the boss Steven personally sees to every dish at the kitchen prior serving the customers. He told me by looking at the food on the plate he could see it's saltish, over cooked, freshness and the temperature is correct. Wow!! He must be Xmen!

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