Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Home delivery at affordable price at BUENOO Bistro in Bedok South

Buenoo Bistro at Bedok South specializes in home or office delivery, and yet it maintains a restaurant standard at affordable prices.
The Pesto Pizza topped with chicken, ham, rocket toasted pine nuts, feta cheese with pesto paste mozzarella cheese balsamic glaze. Pesto is a sauce originated in Genoa, the capital city of Liguria, Italy. So now you know why the pesto base is different.
 Buenoo Pizza topped with basil, black olive, prawn, toasted pine nut, tomato, onion, chicken salami and mozzarella cheese; also another healthy pizza with crust just right. 
Beef Bolognese
Bolognese is a meat-based sauce originating from Bologna, Italy, hence the name.They were very generous with the minced beef in tomato sauce, grated tomato sauce and garlic cheese parsley. 
Salmon Aglio Olio 
Spaghetti Aglio e olio is a traditional Italian pasta dish, coming from Napoli. Another healthy meal with herbed salmon with garlic and olive oil. They use good quality olive oil. 
Fish and Chip comes with generous amount of assorted vegetables compare to others. The flour was specially prepared for delivery, it's crispy and tasty.
The Muffins are made from butter and strictly vegetable oil. All their ingredients are mixed in-house.

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