Friday, 24 June 2016

Day 5, Last day for my UK Trip.

As this is my last day for my UK trip, I decided to wake up early to have a good breakfast to power up my body and heighten my mood. I went to shop at London's famous Bond Street. This has been a popular shopping area since the early 18th century and home of many prestigious and expensive fashion retailers. It is literally considered a playground for society's most wealthiest and influential people and a haven for the fashion enthusiasts. It feels good to be back and it feels better after I bought a lovely bag.
I went to Harrods afterwards. 

Before my flight back to Singapore, I was delighted to have my afternoon tea at The Georgian Restaurant at Harrods. They serve champagne and good pastries like cupcakes and scones. But if you were always reading my blog you'd know by now that I prefer scones. I opt for the very fragrant Jasmin Chun tea as I am not a champagne lover. 
You need to secure a reservation first if you want to spend your afternoon here since this is "the epitome of high tea in London". If not, you will wait as there is a long queue.

Time to bid adieu so I went straight to Airport Terminal 2 Heathrow to catch my flight back to Singapore. 
I had a light snack before embark into the plane.
I took the 8pm London time (1am Singapore time). By the way, did you know you can overcome your jet lag quickly by telling the stewardess not to disturb you on your sleep and just to let them keep your food? This way they won't wake you up, your sleep is uninterrupted and your body will adjust faster that way.
I have my meal after I woke up.
The breakfast meal.

My UK trip has been amazing and I'd definitely be coming back for more. Where do you guys suggest I go next? :)

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