Friday, 17 June 2016

MaguroDonya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining is Maguro best!

On their website, they introduced themselves as the THE FRESHEST MAGURO IN TOWN by Maguro (tuna) Donya (wholesaler) from Miura Misaki Port, Japan! So i was impressed by the (tuna) and (wholesaler)! So let's eat some Japanese tuna!!!!

MaguroDonya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining is Maguro best!
Cuts of Hon Maguro
On the menu under the Sashimi Assortment, the 5 cuts of Hon Maguro means Akami (lean maguro), Chutoro (fatty maguro), Otoro (extra fatty maguro), Kamatoro (the collar of Maguro) and Toumi . They show the different parts of the fish body so you know what you are eating. Its like attending biology culinary and language class at the same time.
But luckily, I am your humble food taster, so you know where is the best place to eat and MaguroDonya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining has the best Blue Fin Tuna in town! I mean since they have their own fleet of fishing trawlers to reel in the freshest catch of the day everyday! How could anyone compete with that kind of freshness? Oh, they also air flown in the Maguro 3 times a week from Miura Misaki Kou (Misaki Port at Miura)! So how to beat that, they win hands down!
MaguroDonya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining is Maguro best!
Hon Maguro kama yakimono (Blue fin Grilled collar)
They have sashimi version, now they have the grilled version. They are the first to serve this dish by grilling. Yes yakimono is the Japanese term for dishes that are grilled, pan-fried, or broiled; also written yaki-mono. See what I mean? About attending language class too? Ok, no 'outside' oil were used because the fish has its own oil, thanks to Chutoro (fatty maguro), Otoro (extra fatty maguro). I didn't know fish can be so oily, but luckily its healthy oil.
Served with citrus sauce, this dish is also a winner!
MaguroDonya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining is Maguro best!
Seafood Steam
Hmm, this is like 'by the way' we have other than tuna dish. Haha... maybe their fishing trawlers reel in other catch of the day. Luckily got no diagram, can you imagine I have to match the names to the parts to the lobster and abalone they serve for this dish? I'll faint from hunger. Anyway, as your responsible food taster, this half lobster half abalone with assorted vegetable is not maguro, i mean very fresh! Also win!
MaguroDonya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining is Maguro best!
Megumi Gunkan - Hon Maguro Hikkaki, Salmon Ikura & Uni
There are two things i love about this elaborate little sushi dish - Uni (eel) and Ikura (roe), so no need to talk, confirm good! Oh, the wasabi and ginger are very much part of the sushi, they decide for you how much is enough; and they score again!
Oh they have counter seats for omakase (means if you want to flirt, I mean say hi to the chef) you get to eat and watch the chef cut fish at the same time.

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