Thursday, 30 June 2016

Professional service gives you the confidence at SG Face Beauty and Make-up Specialist

I was impressed with Michelle Fong, the owner of SG Face Beauty and Make-up Specialist, because she makes sure that her staff are sent on a monthly upgrading course so they are abreast with the latest technologies. This no doubt will ensure their customers get the best service too.

I decided to go for GINSENG GREEN TEA HYDRATING TREATMENT meant for Dry Dehydrated Combination skin. This treatment basically promote cell metabolism to increase skin resistance, its quick-fix healing and soothing effect due to the treatment's strong antioxidant; importantly its 24 hours hydrating! Not bad for a 90 mins treatment. As the name suggests, Green Tea and Ginseng are used in the treatment to prevent free radical damage, protects the skin from early signs of aging, soothes any inflammation, revitalizes skin cells and improve overall skin texture.
All facial products are from Sanvita® it is the name of Dr. Spiller's green tea based product line.
This treatment alone requires 12 steps, and Sanvita® Gel, Sanvita® Cream and Sanvita® Mask are used.
1. Eye Makeup Remover
2. Aloe Sensitive Cleansing Milk
3. Aloe Sensitive Cleansing Gel
4. Jojoba Peeling Cream
5. Extraction if requires
6. Sensitive Toner with Aloe
7. Moisture Ampoule
8. Anti Couperose Peel Off Mask
9. Sanvita® Gel
10. Sanvita® Cream
11. Sanvita® Mask
12. Sanvita® Gel/Cream and Aloe Vera Sun Sensitive SPF 25
I am really impressed with their service, and not once they push for sales! Face Beauty and Make-up Specialist

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