Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Singapore Blogger # Yummy dishing at Kallang Pudding

Yummy Recipes at Kallang Pudding......
Singapore Blogger

In case you are wondering, Yummy Recipes is a Chinese restaurant on the ground floor of Crescent @ Kallang, a light industrial building at 47 Kallang Pudding Road off Aljunied Road.

Singapore Blogger
Chicken in Pig Stomach Soup
Like I mention, if the pig's stomach isn't thoroughly washed, the entire dish is ruin by its smell and murky soup.
One distinctive feature of this chicken in pig stomach soup is that it is deliciously peppery. White pepper is consider to have warming effect in Chinese medicine so this soup is really good for the cold weather and the stomach and speed up recovery.
Singapore Blogger
Singapore Blogger
Whole Suckling Pig in HK Style
The meat from suckling pig is pale and tender and the cooked skin is crisp. After seasoning, the piglet is cooked by skewering the entire animal on a large stick and cooking it in a pit filled with charcoal inside the restaurant kitchen, meaning the Suckling Pig is very fresh and crispy.
Singapore Blogger
Signature Crab Stewed w/Chicken.
The crab and chicken stew an unusual choice for a soup dish. The chicken is bite-sized and tender like the crab. It has a gingery after taste. So if you like ginger, this dish is for you!
Singapore Blogger
Signature Lobster Congee
Since this is their signature dish, you can expect this hearty meal to be good. It is perfect for either cool or warm days. The porridge is smooth, not-so-thick but sensuous dish to have for days you prefer congee.

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