Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Chefs at Horizon the best

There is a culinary movement that sweeps through France earlier this decade to Singapore. A fine dining in an inexpensive restaurant was enough to frown upon by the young chefs started this ingenious way. The 'Bistronomy' comes from the word 'Bistro' for small inexpensive restaurant and 'Gastronomy' for the art of choosing and cooking at a particular fashion. No wonder the word 'Bistronomy' is often used to snub at chefs attempting non-traditional idea of a fine dining; but not today. because today, I went to support the very talented Chef Chris Fong at Horizon Bistronomy's Media Food Tasting event. Chef Fong is not only hardworking, he is gastronomically and culinary gifted too. 
I wrote about my experience with Horizon Bistronomy in my earlier blog post, but I knew I had to do it again because the dishes served today were just too good to give it a miss! Chef Fong put in so much thought and effort into the menu, you couldn't believe your eyes when reading the names of the each dish. 
Tomato Consommé.

The entree dishes were Heritage, Consistency, Simplicity and Clarification. I love Clarification because I need to clarify just how he home-cured a salmon?  Well, this entree was a winner to me because it was preserved well enough to be served in a clear broth of peas. baby zucchini, tomato puree and vegetables. 
For the main course that speaks Freshness and Technical, I went for Freshness Halibut that Chef Fong created for last Christmas menu. The presentation of this dish was pleasing to the eye, and it left my taste buds wanting more. Halibut is the largest of the marine flatfishes and a very important food source. Freshness Halibut comes with Daikon, Cauliflower, Burnt Onion and White Asparagus.
Freshness: Halibut
Pork Belly

For desserts, I had Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Deception and Memories; Deception- Orange Soba, I remember the fine strand of soba and the custard that being whipped many times to achieve the shredded look and taste. 
Orange Soba.
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Mon-Fri: 11:00 - 23:00

For reservation, please call the manager Ms Jacqueline Soh at 6274 3655

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