Sunday, 31 July 2016

Day and Night Bistro Tiong Bahru

This is perhaps the only eatery that doesn't charge GST. In the morning, it is an old-school kopitiam selling delicious yong tau foo. The magic begins when the sun sets, they raise their chalkboards, lay the tables with retro cloths and crank up some good ol’ tunes from the 90s. Voila! Your regular kopitiam in the day, has transformed into a trendy hangout place, perfect for a meetup with friends over a couple of beers or a casual date night with the significant other.

The extensive range of pizza, pasta, tapas and their very own gourmet burgers, meticulously created by the Day & Night chefs, you will be spoilt for choice. Dining here will surely be a gastronomic experience you won’t easily forget!  They are certain you will leave with your palate satisfied and wanting to try more of their selections.

Did you know Day & Night was once known as Two Face Pizza & Taproom known for gourmet burger? Day & Night also serve the same gourmet burger but different in many ways.
Day and Night Bistro Tiong Bahru
Minced Ribeye beef patty grilled to perfection with cheddar cheese, rocket leaves, fresh tomatoes, truffle mayo and caramelized onions on soft grilled burger bun with potato wedges. The reason why its the Day & Night burger is because its the original  in the day and charcoal burger in the night. How cool is that?!
Day and Night Bistro Tiong Bahru
The  appetizers was deep fried pork belly on a bed of hearty french fries served with their signature maple mayo.
Day and Night Bistro Tiong Bahru
Choice of 2 selections for your pizza. But one flavor they can still do for you. The choices are:

Day and Night Bistro Tiong Bahru
Their signature drinks are sour plum, caixin or pineapple juice, so I chose caixin.

Day & Night Bistro
56 Eng Hoon Street #01-46, Singapore 160056. 
Tel: 6222 6881
Mon-Thurs: 17:00 - 23:00
Fri-Sat: 17:00 - 00:00
Sun: 17:00 - 23:00

Saturday, 30 July 2016

This house serves storm not only on Saturday but on the days.

This house serves up a storm not only on Saturday but on the days when it opens. Saturday House may well be one of the top casual restaurants that economically tasty.

Saturday House
Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup
Have u wonder how to make this classic appetizer? Wonder no further as Saturday House whips up a good mushroom soup with generous amount of chopped mushroom and cream that can make you go wild for more.
Saturday House
Topshell Salad
You can find these chewy shellfish cooked and canned marinated in oyster sauce. But at Saturday House, it's one of their chili hot starter favorite, using Thai chill sauce,
Saturday House
Crispy Sio Bak
Another name for this dish is Chinese style crispy pork belly, and I like anything that's crispy. But Saturday House has its version of Siu Yoke by marinating with Thai sauce, equally tender, equally tasty and equally crispy!
Saturday House
Grilled Pork Collar
This fragrant dish uses the method of charbroiling - "the process used when an item is cooked on a grated surface to sear in the flavors and impart a degree of charring which gives the product a light charcoal smoke flavor." It's similar to grilling, but in this application is charbroiling.
Saturday House
Grilled Leg a Lamb
This is the same method as Pork Collar, charbroiling the Leg a Lamb Leg is charred brown on the outside and tender inside. It tastes crisp and not greasy at all. "You can smells its fragrance before you see it." Saturday House uses their in-house blend of mixed vegetable, red wine beef essence and herbs to marinate their Grilled Leg a Lamb. It was such a joy savoring this lamb dish.
Saturday House
Molten Lava Cake
This is definitely for all chocolate lovers! The molten lava would just oozes out, like a lava, from the cake and you just go 'Mmmm...' in delight!
339 Upper Paya Lebar Rd
Singapore 534953
Tel: 6280 0338
Sun-Thurs: 1130am – 1100pm
Fri & Sat:  1130am – 1200am
Happy Hour All Day Long!

Friday, 29 July 2016

First stop at Ubin is the choice for seafood fresh!

Pulau Ubin also known as Ubin island, is a small island north east of Singapore, it's one of the most mention islands when growing up in the 80s Singapore.

Ubin First Stop Restaurant catches most of its seafood around that island, hence its name I reckon. It has a panoramic view of Changi Village, another popular hangout for the locals. The one dish synonymous to is the famous chili crab.  It's a signature must-have dish for every table, and usually you will find it on every table at Ubin First Stop.
Ubin First Stop Restaurant
The menu also allows you to choose the way you want your crab:
Among the dishes for fish, we had the Leatherjacket with black bean sauce. No, you dun put black bean on your leather jacket or you have to dry clean it. The leatherjacket fish we had was firm but the sauce was rather salty for my taste.
Ubin First Stop Restaurant
Choice of cooking the fish:
Ubin First Stop Restaurant
Another must-have  dish is NGOH HIANG 五香虾枣! I love ngoh hiang for its prawns! And the texture of the pork meat was well prepared with seasoning just right for a ngoh hiang roll. Eat it while it's hot, but I know some would eat it hot or cold, yes, I eat it in any temperature so long it's not burning hot or freezing cold.
Ubin First Stop Restaurant
We also had the crayfish, your choice of the following:
Ubin First Stop Restaurant
The lemon fried chicken wing was finger-lickin-good, and Chinese spinach is good for your health! 

Blk 1202 East Coast Seafood Centre, #01-02. East Coast Parkway Area E1, Singapore 449881.
Open Daily: 11:30AM-11:30PM

Thursday, 28 July 2016

3Crab Delicacy voted Crab restaurant in town!

3Crab's catch of the day is primarily from Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, South Africa and Australia, and they can personally vow for the quality because they own the distribution line and would distribute their seafood to other restaurants too.

3Crab Delicacy voted Crab restaurant in town!
Drunken Coc kles
How can cockles be drunken? The idea for this speciality is the sweet, savoury and spicy tastes all at once! Drizzled with garlic and chili flakes, the cockles were simply too good not to try. Since we have drunken prawns, why not drunken cockles. I wonder what's next?
3Crab Delicacy voted Crab restaurant in town!
Teochew Style Stew Cabbage Chicken
Its steam chicken wrapped with cabbage in abalone broth. It is rather light and tasty. They use Boiler Chicken, and we know Boiler Chicken is bred and raised for meat production.
3Crab Delicacy voted Crab restaurant in town!
Prawn Salted Egg
This is a unique dish because the sauce is mixed with milk powder and butter. I like the sound of that already. It is the perfection combination with the salted egg and prawns!
3Crab Delicacy voted Crab restaurant in town!
Curry Crab
This is a must-try dish! The spiciness is perfect, I can literally drink the curry sauce because it was so delicious and mouth watering, especially when you dip the bun in! Yum!!!!

265/267 Outram Road Singapore 169059.
Book Now!
(65) 63272148 (65) 62278002

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Allan Hair Salon keeps up with trend and beauty

The salon only uses Shiseido professional hair product to ensure customers' satisfaction. They care about your hair, and dedicated to the perfect cut, colour, rebonding, treatment and perm every time you visit them.
Young Master Hair Stylist Allan Leong and his team of experienced stylists are committed to a customized service you deserves. All stylists at Allan Dream Hair Salon are instinctively in tune with the latest trend. They carry the full range of Shiseido hair colour, a perfect match with Asia Skin tone.
Here are the steps taken in cutting, treating and styling my hair:
Allan Hair Salon
Allan Hair Salon
Allan Hair Salon
1❤ Hairwash with Keratin shampoo. Keratin is the protein that protects epithelial cells from damage or stress.
Allan Hair Salon
2❤ Apply keratin treatment lotion and let the hair to wait for 20 mins. Keratin is also the key structural component of hair and nails.
3❤ After 20 mins, flat iron hair until it's stick straight. This process allows the hair to shine when dry.
4❤ Then put on the Keratin mask, mask for 5 mins then rinse away. Keratin can bond each strand of hair leaving a protective coating that lasts until the next wash.
5❤ Simply blow dry and my hair was amazingly shiny, smooth and silky.
I was instructed to wash my hair after 24 hours. I would have 3 months of shiny, smooth and silky hair, thanks to the keratin treatment!

Blk 102 Towner Rd #01-276 Singapore 322102. (Boon Keng MRT Exit A)
Tel: 62950229 

Monday, 25 July 2016

This place is not only worthy to mention but is really worth a try!

Chui Xiang Kitchen:

Have you ever liked a Zi Char restaurant so much that you don't mind them transferring from one place to another? Well if you ask me, I am happy to hop from Teck Chye Terrace to Commonwealth Ave to Casuarina Road. Yes you've read it right. In a span of 10 years or so, they have transferred to different locations thrice. But if you are a fan of eating local food cooked as locals eat it then you would not mind right? Because discovering places like this is such a blessing. I mean who owns a Zi Char restaurant and cook the dishes at the same time? Not many right? There is a higher chance that the food is going to have that extra special twist rather than the usual where they would just hire anyone who would like to cook at small local eateries. The owner, Chef Kok Kwang Chiu, is the one who cooks the dishes 
served at Chui Xiang Kitchen. He had been working at various Chinese restaurants before finally deciding to have his own. 
So would you like to eat local zi char food cooked by the owner himself? Yes or yes? Well, they serve a variety of local dishes as well that's worth every penny. I'd tell you my top picks.

This place is not only worthy to mention but is really worth a try!
You can choose their signature dish which is Lobster Porridge. This bowl of goodness consists of rice and fresh lobsters immersed in a flavorful stock that was boiled for long hours. Or perhaps you would like to try what regular customers order?
This place is not only worthy to mention but is really worth a try!
They always ask for the Black Pepper Venison. The meat is cut in cubes for that good bounce. It is thick but tender and coated with a rich peppery sauce. Just some quick info, this dish used to be Ostrich meat when first introduced years ago. But it is harder to procure Ostrich meat and regulars are still asking for this dish. So the chef decides to use Venison instead.
This place is not only worthy to mention but is really worth a try!
They also serve Bean curd with Golden Mushroom. The tofu is homemade and has a really nice texture. You can pinch it with your chopstick and it would not break.
This place is not only worthy to mention but is really worth a try!
 Last but definitely not the least dish that I would recommend is their Cabbage Chicken in Clay pot. The chicken is stuffed with black and white fungus, chestnuts, wolf berries, red dates and other treasures before being wrapped in cabbage. It is steamed for two hours in a thick brown sauce making it delicate enough that the cabbage will melt once you eat it. Amazing right?

Growing up, I am fond of stir fried rice noodle dish. This zi char food is known locally as hor fun and lucky enough, they serve the best beef hor fun across Singapore! The beef are well tenderized with a nice charred flavor that comes with gravy worthy of slurping! Also, it has a strong wok hei aroma. If you don't like beef, they also serve Seafood hor fun. It is flavorful as well and would definitely satisfy your appetite.
This place is not only worthy to mention but is really worth a try!
This is not the highlight at Chui Xian Kitchen though. This spot is reserved for their Marmite Pork Chop. Undeniably, this slab of meat is perfectly tender and juicy unlike other local food stalls that tends to over fry the pork chop leaving it dry and fibrous. It is topped with sugar, honey and marmite sauce that is delicately sweet and savory with that yeasty aroma. If I had a bigger appetite, I would definitely have a second round. You can't not love this!

126 Casuarina Rd, Singapore 579514.
Tel: 6458 4567
Open daily: 11AM-2:30PM-5-10:30PM

Thursday, 21 July 2016

All natural 100% Botanical Formula for Scalp Treatment!

Jin Yue Tang (金月堂) Hair Salon & Beauty Supplies
Herbal Scalp Treatment
Jin Yue Tang pride themselves in Hair Regeneration Therapy. It is proven remedy where its products date back to 1869 when their founder Zhai Yuan Kai seek an all natural solution to treat white hair and hair related problem. Their remedies has more than a hundred years history since " Fa Yuan Tang" was officially established in 1907. This formula were jointly developed with Hong Kong Hair Science Institute and Hong Kong Investment Limited. It strives to the following:

Repair Deficient Cells in Hair Follicle Tissue
Rejuvenate Blood Circulation to prevent Dormant & Irrevisible Dead Follicicle
Replenish 100% Phyto-Nutrients to Stimulate Re-grwoth and Stabilise Growth Cycle
Therapeutic Meridian & Magnetic Remedy for Hair Re-growth, Reduce Further Hair Loss and to Regain its Healthy state
I had the 8 in 1, 60-minute nourishing and cleansing botanical hair and scalp treatment which includes:

1. Customised hair wash
2. Customised herbal treatment
3. Massage with comb
4. Ginger therapy
5. Acupoint head massage
6. Gua sha massage
7. Acupoint head massage
8. Shoulder massage

Jin Yue Tang (金月堂) Hair Salon & Beauty Supplies
Address: 470 North Bridge Road #02-11 Bugis Cube Singapore 188735.
Tel: +65-6734 3988
Open everyday 10am to 10pm.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Fine Dining in your friendly neighborhood World Bistro

World Bistro 

I like the name of this restaurant, very direct and honest. Its like we serve the world cuisine in an inexpensive place so you can be yourself. World Bistro pride itself in serving authentic western and eastern cuisines, accompanied by beers, desserts. Flying solo? you can definitely enjoy your "me time" in an alfresco outdoor dining experience. The idea came about when 2 individuals decide to aim the following:

- Casual dining at your neighborhood 

- Quality menu by two gourmet chefs at unbelievable prices

- No service charge, GST.

Let's talk about the food I had, YUM!
Lamb Shank in Red Wine Stew, (Signature Dish):
This lamb shank is a winner cause I've been ordering this a few times! The wine mixture over the lamb shanks was perfectly covered. They use red wine for the gravy. It has assorted herbs, braised until very tender like this, I'm sure you guys will enjoy their braised.
World Bistro Pork Rib,(Signature Dish):
When a pork rib is named after the restaurant, it has to be like out-of-world punch! True enough, just like its cousin dish Lamb Shank, the barbecued pork spareribs was slow cooked till the flavoring sink into the meat and tender sweet. Very tasty! You would want to lick your fingers and its best to use your hands to eat ribs. 
Grill Squid Salad in World Bistro Sauce:
Want something to chew while chilling ? Order a plate of squid. Don't forget that squid is best paired with beers! The squid was grilled whole and cut into bite-size.  Home made sauce, of course you can add salt, pepper, or vinegar or chili oil to your desired taste. You would want to order it again and again. Haha... 
Sambal Pasta (Signature Dish)
You can make any dish with this versatile sauce, like Sambal goreng and Sambal kacang. World Bistro's Sambal pasta is unique to the pasta they served. The sauce is a blend of normal red chilli and chilli padi. Though its straightforward dish, the shrimps and were generous. Aside from the previous dishes I've mentioned, you can pick between pork, fish or beef. If you can't decide then you better order one of each and share with friends.

Quote my name "Alison Chan" to get a bucket of free Blanc or Hoegarden (worth $48) Upon $100 spending subject to availability. (Monday to Friday)
* Preferably call to make reservation
* Terms and Condition apply

Mon, Wed to Sun / close on Tues.
Tel: 8511 0846

5-10 mins walk from CommonWealth Mrt. 
Bus available nearby : 93,105,122,123,153,186,195,195A,195B.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Feel the goodness of BRANCHÉ Hair & Nail and be empowered

There are two types of gel, hard gel and soft gel. Hard gel gets its name because, once cured, it is tough enough to be made into a nail extension. Soft gel refers to the gel products that are too soft to create a nail extension. Gel polishes are used for manicures. All gel services are performed using some form of gel, which usually comes in pots of gel or bottles of gel polish.

So introducing the all-new PARA GEL! Unlike other conventional gels in the market, the cure rate for Para Gel is only 30 secs under the UV light. Otherwise its 3 mins cure rate with other nail gels. In other words, Para Gel literally do not damage your nails during the manicure! Para Gel is made in Japan, and it encourages nail growth!

And let me just say that Branche' Hair & Nail is a very unique concept-driven parlor, you have to see it for yourself to experience the service with class. I can rattle on and on about how good how good, but no word can describe how good till you feel how good! I hope you get what i mean!

13 stamford road B1-33, Capitol Piazza, Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905
Tel: 6702 3036 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Good Seafood at 81 Seafood Restaurant

When it comes to food, I am delighted.
Earlier this evening, I came to 81 Seafood Restaurant, I ordered these 4 dishes,

Good Seafood at 81 Seafood Restaurant
Lala Mee Hoon
You can actually buy Lala sauce that comes in bottles at supermarket, but 81 Seafood Restaurant makes their own Lala sauce. I don't know what ingredient they use, but the Lala sauce, I know involves fermented black bean, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt, spices and chili pepper. Overall, the dish was good.
Good Seafood at 81 Seafood Restaurant
Garoupa Fish Curry
Grouper is an important food source, and most of the species are now farmed. Stout body and a big mouth, its often a favorite fish for most chef in the kitchen. The Garoupa Fish Curry uses their own ayam curry paste, so its not so spicy, a little sour with condense milk to replace coconut milk. I love the ladyfinger and tomato that comes with it. So its relatively a healthy dish!
Good Seafood at 81 Seafood Restaurant
Boston Lobsters Claypot
Cold Water Lobster or Marine Lobster is actually called the Boston Lobster because its American Lobster. Cold water lobsters meat are whiter, sweeter, and more tender than warm water lobsters. So its not bad that they serve Boston Lobster for this claypot thats cooked with broccoli, crab meat, mussel, prawn, squid with braised sauce. Thumbs up!
The last dish was Chin Yong Chye Spinach, bean spout and mushroom. Its now quite popular dish to order. I love this dish especially for the health benefits the greens provide.
JURONG WEST STREET 42 BLOCK 406, Singapore 640406
08:00 - 23:00
9072 2049

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Magnificent results from the magnificent aestheticians at MagnificentStudio

Recently I had my hair styled and make-up done by the professionals at Magnificent Studio in 321 Clementi. They described themselves as an ivory entrance that opens to rows of beauty products and white chairs in front of mirrors, inviting customers into Magnificent Studio for a spot of beautification. The aestheticians at the Clementi-bound beauty salon offer services including haircuts, hair coloring, mani-pedis, nail art, and more, offering a one-stop solution for customers seeking aesthetic refinement.
Vincent, the hairstylist, who styled my hair was pleasant. I felt at ease and would entrust my hair into his professional care. The owner, Eric, has a vision that cater for every customer's needs, and we know that's impossible to please everyone; but with a confident smile, he believes Magnificent Studio can deliver. Serene, the make-up artist, knew my skin tone well, I think she may have opted for the natural look, but I did look more awake after her skillful touch, haha. Thank you guys for a magnificent experience at your studio!
321 Clementi is a shopping mall where you can find other shops and eateries to your convenience while you have your hair or nail done at Magnificent Studio.

Magnificent Stuido is at 321 Clementi Ave 3 #02-03 321Singapore 129905.

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 11am - 8pm,
Sat - Sun / Public holidays 10am - 8pm

Monday, 4 July 2016

CLD Beauty is your trusted salon, serving your every beauty needs

CLD Beauty Salon's mission is to pamper their clients, so that they can have a relaxing day at CLD Beauty Salon.
The good thing about CLD Beauty Salon is its cost effective price-list.
Their services includes:
What I had was the foot gelish , I
remember in my previous blog I talked about the difference between conventional gel nails and para gel nails.  So here are the benefits of gel nails in general:
Gel nails can allow those allergic to acrylic or nail resin to enjoy an extension service.
Many gel nail clients report that gel nails feel more natural and less rigid than acrylic nail extensions.
Soft gel nails (gel polish) are easily removed with acetone when soaked or wrapped for about 8–15 minutes and do little to no damage to the natural nail
Gel polish manicures can last up to 3 weeks with no chipping, peeling or cracking. Leaves a glossier finish.
Gel nails do not produce any odor,
The curing time is very fast when using an L.E.D. light
Gel polish nails mean nails are dry immediately upon completion of the service so no worry about smudging or ruining one's manicure
Holds shine and does not fade like regular nail polish
They are located at Blk 804 Hougang central #01-132 Singapore 530804
Tel: 6343 4998

Friday, 1 July 2016

Elegant Chinese restaurant at Lai Yu Lai Three Sauce Simmer Pot Chinatown

Lai Yu Lai serves traditional yet creative Chinese dishes using simmer pots. They focus on healthy and nourishing diet, with 30 types of herbs and spices to call their own. There are also the original, seafood and spicy sauce. You can cook with their different types of in-house special sauces and create your own stew in a combination pot based on your favorite.

The meat is pre-marinated for hours. The meats and prawns are place in the pot to simmer together with 10 over types of vegetables, after 13 minutes my dish is ready to eat
LAI YU LAI Three Sauce Simmer Pot
For their base oil they use spices and vegetable oil only. The soup flavor came from the vegetables and no added water to the sauce.
After the first round of the food has finished. They would add in their high quality of soup into the pot. Then you may order additional mixed vegetables, various type of mushroom and meat balls, in house noodle. No Msg or preservative added at all. Beside there are side dishes, pancakes etc from the menu.
Apart from the simmer pot, the hand pulled noodle and round flat cake are some of the restaurant's specialties. Lai Yu Lai Three Sauce Simmer Pot is a modest restaurant that is passionate about the traditional heritage behind Chinese cuisine.