Thursday, 21 July 2016

All natural 100% Botanical Formula for Scalp Treatment!

Jin Yue Tang (金月堂) Hair Salon & Beauty Supplies
Herbal Scalp Treatment
Jin Yue Tang pride themselves in Hair Regeneration Therapy. It is proven remedy where its products date back to 1869 when their founder Zhai Yuan Kai seek an all natural solution to treat white hair and hair related problem. Their remedies has more than a hundred years history since " Fa Yuan Tang" was officially established in 1907. This formula were jointly developed with Hong Kong Hair Science Institute and Hong Kong Investment Limited. It strives to the following:

Repair Deficient Cells in Hair Follicle Tissue
Rejuvenate Blood Circulation to prevent Dormant & Irrevisible Dead Follicicle
Replenish 100% Phyto-Nutrients to Stimulate Re-grwoth and Stabilise Growth Cycle
Therapeutic Meridian & Magnetic Remedy for Hair Re-growth, Reduce Further Hair Loss and to Regain its Healthy state
I had the 8 in 1, 60-minute nourishing and cleansing botanical hair and scalp treatment which includes:

1. Customised hair wash
2. Customised herbal treatment
3. Massage with comb
4. Ginger therapy
5. Acupoint head massage
6. Gua sha massage
7. Acupoint head massage
8. Shoulder massage

Jin Yue Tang (金月堂) Hair Salon & Beauty Supplies
Address: 470 North Bridge Road #02-11 Bugis Cube Singapore 188735.
Tel: +65-6734 3988
Open everyday 10am to 10pm.


  1. 看了你的blog我要找个时间去那里试试看~

  2. 我的头发很干燥, 适合做这个护理吗?

  3. 我上个星期去try了~
    那个姜放在头皮的时候很凉 很舒服~