Friday, 1 July 2016

Elegant Chinese restaurant at Lai Yu Lai Three Sauce Simmer Pot Chinatown

Lai Yu Lai serves traditional yet creative Chinese dishes using simmer pots. They focus on healthy and nourishing diet, with 30 types of herbs and spices to call their own. There are also the original, seafood and spicy sauce. You can cook with their different types of in-house special sauces and create your own stew in a combination pot based on your favorite.

The meat is pre-marinated for hours. The meats and prawns are place in the pot to simmer together with 10 over types of vegetables, after 13 minutes my dish is ready to eat
LAI YU LAI Three Sauce Simmer Pot
For their base oil they use spices and vegetable oil only. The soup flavor came from the vegetables and no added water to the sauce.
After the first round of the food has finished. They would add in their high quality of soup into the pot. Then you may order additional mixed vegetables, various type of mushroom and meat balls, in house noodle. No Msg or preservative added at all. Beside there are side dishes, pancakes etc from the menu.
Apart from the simmer pot, the hand pulled noodle and round flat cake are some of the restaurant's specialties. Lai Yu Lai Three Sauce Simmer Pot is a modest restaurant that is passionate about the traditional heritage behind Chinese cuisine.

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