Friday, 15 July 2016

Fine Dining in your friendly neighborhood World Bistro

World Bistro 

I like the name of this restaurant, very direct and honest. Its like we serve the world cuisine in an inexpensive place so you can be yourself. World Bistro pride itself in serving authentic western and eastern cuisines, accompanied by beers, desserts. Flying solo? you can definitely enjoy your "me time" in an alfresco outdoor dining experience. The idea came about when 2 individuals decide to aim the following:

- Casual dining at your neighborhood 

- Quality menu by two gourmet chefs at unbelievable prices

- No service charge, GST.

Let's talk about the food I had, YUM!
Lamb Shank in Red Wine Stew, (Signature Dish):
This lamb shank is a winner cause I've been ordering this a few times! The wine mixture over the lamb shanks was perfectly covered. They use red wine for the gravy. It has assorted herbs, braised until very tender like this, I'm sure you guys will enjoy their braised.
World Bistro Pork Rib,(Signature Dish):
When a pork rib is named after the restaurant, it has to be like out-of-world punch! True enough, just like its cousin dish Lamb Shank, the barbecued pork spareribs was slow cooked till the flavoring sink into the meat and tender sweet. Very tasty! You would want to lick your fingers and its best to use your hands to eat ribs. 
Grill Squid Salad in World Bistro Sauce:
Want something to chew while chilling ? Order a plate of squid. Don't forget that squid is best paired with beers! The squid was grilled whole and cut into bite-size.  Home made sauce, of course you can add salt, pepper, or vinegar or chili oil to your desired taste. You would want to order it again and again. Haha... 
Sambal Pasta (Signature Dish)
You can make any dish with this versatile sauce, like Sambal goreng and Sambal kacang. World Bistro's Sambal pasta is unique to the pasta they served. The sauce is a blend of normal red chilli and chilli padi. Though its straightforward dish, the shrimps and were generous. Aside from the previous dishes I've mentioned, you can pick between pork, fish or beef. If you can't decide then you better order one of each and share with friends.

Quote my name "Alison Chan" to get a bucket of free Blanc or Hoegarden (worth $48) Upon $100 spending subject to availability. (Monday to Friday)
* Preferably call to make reservation
* Terms and Condition apply

Mon, Wed to Sun / close on Tues.
Tel: 8511 0846

5-10 mins walk from CommonWealth Mrt. 
Bus available nearby : 93,105,122,123,153,186,195,195A,195B.

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