Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Good Seafood at 81 Seafood Restaurant

When it comes to food, I am delighted.
Earlier this evening, I came to 81 Seafood Restaurant, I ordered these 4 dishes,

Good Seafood at 81 Seafood Restaurant
Lala Mee Hoon
You can actually buy Lala sauce that comes in bottles at supermarket, but 81 Seafood Restaurant makes their own Lala sauce. I don't know what ingredient they use, but the Lala sauce, I know involves fermented black bean, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt, spices and chili pepper. Overall, the dish was good.
Good Seafood at 81 Seafood Restaurant
Garoupa Fish Curry
Grouper is an important food source, and most of the species are now farmed. Stout body and a big mouth, its often a favorite fish for most chef in the kitchen. The Garoupa Fish Curry uses their own ayam curry paste, so its not so spicy, a little sour with condense milk to replace coconut milk. I love the ladyfinger and tomato that comes with it. So its relatively a healthy dish!
Good Seafood at 81 Seafood Restaurant
Boston Lobsters Claypot
Cold Water Lobster or Marine Lobster is actually called the Boston Lobster because its American Lobster. Cold water lobsters meat are whiter, sweeter, and more tender than warm water lobsters. So its not bad that they serve Boston Lobster for this claypot thats cooked with broccoli, crab meat, mussel, prawn, squid with braised sauce. Thumbs up!
The last dish was Chin Yong Chye Spinach, bean spout and mushroom. Its now quite popular dish to order. I love this dish especially for the health benefits the greens provide.
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