Saturday, 30 July 2016

This house serves storm not only on Saturday but on the days.

This house serves up a storm not only on Saturday but on the days when it opens. Saturday House may well be one of the top casual restaurants that economically tasty.

Saturday House
Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup
Have u wonder how to make this classic appetizer? Wonder no further as Saturday House whips up a good mushroom soup with generous amount of chopped mushroom and cream that can make you go wild for more.
Saturday House
Topshell Salad
You can find these chewy shellfish cooked and canned marinated in oyster sauce. But at Saturday House, it's one of their chili hot starter favorite, using Thai chill sauce,
Saturday House
Crispy Sio Bak
Another name for this dish is Chinese style crispy pork belly, and I like anything that's crispy. But Saturday House has its version of Siu Yoke by marinating with Thai sauce, equally tender, equally tasty and equally crispy!
Saturday House
Grilled Pork Collar
This fragrant dish uses the method of charbroiling - "the process used when an item is cooked on a grated surface to sear in the flavors and impart a degree of charring which gives the product a light charcoal smoke flavor." It's similar to grilling, but in this application is charbroiling.
Saturday House
Grilled Leg a Lamb
This is the same method as Pork Collar, charbroiling the Leg a Lamb Leg is charred brown on the outside and tender inside. It tastes crisp and not greasy at all. "You can smells its fragrance before you see it." Saturday House uses their in-house blend of mixed vegetable, red wine beef essence and herbs to marinate their Grilled Leg a Lamb. It was such a joy savoring this lamb dish.
Saturday House
Molten Lava Cake
This is definitely for all chocolate lovers! The molten lava would just oozes out, like a lava, from the cake and you just go 'Mmmm...' in delight!
339 Upper Paya Lebar Rd
Singapore 534953
Tel: 6280 0338
Sun-Thurs: 1130am – 1100pm
Fri & Sat:  1130am – 1200am
Happy Hour All Day Long!

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